Guan Yin Message ~ September 20, 2017


I read this and think “hmm, yes, disclosure ~ now would be a good time.”


Important message from Guan Yin
September 10th, 2017
By Linda Li

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Humanity has come to an point that Divine is ready to tell the truth. The truth about Divine and the truth of humanity’s history. Yes, the time has come and we are ready. Besides that, Divine is also ready to let light workers and humanity know their existence on earth, and how their existence will influence the planet earth and humanity alike. It is time for the disclosure, period.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, Divine will work hard to make sure the disclosure happens. Not only to the light workers but also to humanity. the whole planet is on alert now for that, for the disclosure. We are ready. I hope you are ready too dear heart. Getting yourself ready is essential for Divine and getting humanity ready is what we are doing. So far so good. Yes, there are always souls who are barely ready, or not ready at all. That is unavoidable. We understand the risk, and we have informed those souls and they are ok with it. It is at soul level. So, even if they appear not ready, but at soul level, they know it is spiritual law, they need to follow the Divine plan, and they will follow. It is just that simple. If it is spiritual law, then all souls should respect and follow. There is no such thing as exception. In the face of Divine and spiritual law, all souls are equally treated and equally Apply themselves. No exceptions! So, that is the disclosure. Get yourself ready dear heart. It is coming.
Besides that, Divine is going to make sure that all who are involved in the disclosure, it doesn’t matter who you are, either you are a light worker or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do your job. If you are tasked by Divine to disclose information Divine deemed necessary, you need to disclose, do your share of the entire plan. There are half dozen souls who have been tasked by Divine to make the disclosure. We have worked with them individually as well as collectively, and we deemed they are capable and they are ready. So, go ahead dear heart, if you are one of those souls who is supposed to make the announcement, Divine wants you to go ahead, do your job, make the announcement. Make the disclosure happen. Divine is ready. You are ready. Humanity is ready. This is Divine decree. Don’t take it lightly. It is a matter of breaking spiritual law. So, act on it and get the ball rolling.
Besides the souls who are being tasked for the disclosure. Divine also tasked few souls to play the sidekicks. Send confirmation messages around the globe. Let humanity know that you are the messager. The message you bring this time is the disclosure, global wide disclosure. I want these souls to hear me, global wide, not just the country you are in but all countries, global wide.
Dear heart, it is time. Divine and the company of heaven are so ready. We want to make it known. We want humanity to know that we are here, walking on earth, helping Gaia and humanity. It is enormously important that humanity know it by now so that humanity can have a chance to work on themselves and work on their ascension. It is a tremendous time, and it takes tremendous effort for humanity to ascend. Sooner or later, humanity will realize that we do them a favor by disclosing what is happening and how to ascend. It is time.
I love you dear heart. In the next few days and weeks, after the hurricane passes, Divine is going to make further announcements related to the leadership of the United States, and announcements related to the changes. More changes indeed are needed, desperately by Divine and the company of heaven. We are at a threshold and we are all on board this time. Divine and the company of heaven, we are all on board for these changes. Time has come. Immediate changes indeed. I am Guan Yin, I love you. So it is.

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