What Happens To Your Brain When You Watch TV Programming


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Two years ago I gave up watching tv programming, which includes commercials.  All of it.  We allow our child to watch some PBS shows. Other than that, when the television is on, we have it on the soundscape channel which plays a variety of soulful music.

Tonight we all watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special.  Given it has been so long since I have watched mainstream television, including the commercials, I can say my experience left me feeling incredulous if not a bit horrified.

I used to watch the commercial’s?  Without any reaction?

Unbelievable.  lol

I watched a commercial showing a husband climbing on top of a trampoline then on top of a yard waste container to replace a piece of drain pipe while the wife stood inside and said something to some machine that in turn operated her dryer.  AI.  So first scene was one of absolute idiocy and the second scene shows an AI doing the “right” thing. Message:  Humans are stupid.  AI is good.

Another commercial showed some new phone ~ lots of lights, noise, total stimulation.  Message:  Lots of lights, noise, total stimulation is gooooood for you.

I even viewed Charlie Brown differently.  Lucy reminds me of some of the kids in my neighborhood ~ bullies.  Charlie Brown and his “all I got was a rock” sadness.  Message:  Bullies are part of life.  The weird (bald) kids who are the most awkward have the worst luck.

Then there were the commercials for television programs still on.  The Middle?  Modern Family?  Seriously ~ these shows are still on??  Aren’t these people like 100 years old by now?  lol  Anyway ~ watching these little tidbits of upcoming shows ~ shows that once made me laugh ~ had me staring, appalled.

I once found this stuff entertaining?  Funny?

I once was able to energetically take in these messages and energies?

Seriously ~ if I were visiting this planet for the first time and had watched tonight’s programming I would be looking much like the little girl in the picture above.


Zero resonance.  Absolutely none.  Whew for that!

Mouth dropped.  Having been a mainstream commercial/tv virgin for as long as I have, after just 30 minutes of this engagement, I feel the need to purify myself.

I am reminded of a movie I watched years ago of a family who had lived off-grid completely including no television exposure who then came into town years later to visit family whereby the kids were exposed to tv programming and video games and their looks were one of absolute horror.  It was comical, sad and so telling all at once.

As I tell my neighbor, who has on CNN or MSNBC on almost all day long, “they call it tv programs for a reason ~ it literally programs your brain.”  Usually I add “I love you…now turn off that damn thing!”

Tonight I saw how unplugging really allows for one to SEE just how real and powerful this programming is ~ and how mind-numbing/soul detaching.

I love you all ~ now turn off that damn thing!  


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2 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Brain When You Watch TV Programming”

  1. 50 years ago, they called it the boob tube.
    You mean you didn’t see one big pharma commercial where the side effects listed are longer than the commercial? How stupid and brain dead do they think we are? They are appealing to our transhumanism…and folks, many are already there!

    1. to this day i still laugh when i read the term “boob tube”. as a girl i had never heard of that phrase until my babysitter said “let’s turn on the boob tube”. oh my god i laughed so hard i peed my pants. she of course gave me a look like “what are you laughing about?” i became accustomed to such “WTF?” looks over the years 😀

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