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I had a reading/healing with this man a little over a year ago.  Now he is in need of some help.  I decided to forward his story/request to all of you as part of my new “People In Need Of Help” category/movement. Please share and if so moved, donate.  Remember ~ all it takes is $1.  ♥    


Dear Ones,
On behalf of our beloved David I am reaching out and asking assistance in helping him reclaim his precious health, which is currently in a challenged state.  As a Spiritual Teacher and Holistic Practitioner, David has devoted himself for many years to those he assisted in their healing and transformational journeys.  He has passionately continued to serve this purpose heart and soul.  He now has to dedicate himself to healing his body so that he can continue his life path of helping others.  Now we need to ask for assistance in turning this situation around.
The Story
Over the course of the last six months David has been experiencing extreme fatigue, leading to a dramatic drop in his overall health about 7 weeks ago.  David has been dealing with weakness, kidney stress and the development of an abdominal growth (it is yet to be determined whether this is benign or not) that is currently impinging on other organs and needs to be quickly resolved.  His program until now has included treatments with very experienced alternative health practitioners as well as utilizing progressive technologies and self-healing skills. The improvements we have seen along the way aren’t supporting him enough to continue with only the current plan. 
We have come to the conclusion that his best course of action now is to be immediately admitted to an immersive integrative program that incorporates a more clinical medical approach, combining “Western medical” approaches, oversight and treatment, along with time-tested alternative therapies and new promising therapies including focal and systemic hyperthermia, ozone and hyperbaric treatments.
The Challenge
The challenge at this time is minimal financial resources. Due to David’s decreased ability to work as much over these last months and our attention and finances going largely towards his healing process we have run short on funds.  Insurance is not an option for the treatment he needs. It is unfortunate that healthcare and money have become so entangled in our world, but at this time we need to acknowledge the power of money to help move the wheels of change.
The Solution
The Cowans intend to come through this and return fully to the greater work to which they are called and have devoted their lives to.  With your help we feel confident that David will get the treatment he needs and be able to bounce back from this challenge with renewed vigor and devotion to the healing path.
We greatly appreciate any way you can assist us with this.
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