Healing The “Boo Boo’s”


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We have a saying around here we have used with our girl.  Whenever someone has a disease, whether it is considered mental, emotional or physical, we have always said so and so has a boo boo.

Earlier today, she and I were speaking.  We found out our neighbor and adopted grandpa’s cancer has become more aggressive and will require more intense treatment.  I could write up another piece on that altogether (he is the type to go along with whatever the doctor says while ignoring alternative treatments).

Naturally my girl began asking questions.

“Are they going to heal grandpa d’s boo boo’s?” she asked.

“They are going to try,” I said.

She was reflective for awhile before she began sharing her thoughts.

“Mama have you realized how many people have boo boo’s in their bodies that need healing?” she asked.  She then went on to talk about our neighbors and others we know who have boo boo’s in their bodies and in their minds.

Three neighbors.  A few friends.  Her dada.  Even mama.

I began to think – again – about this new healing tech – these “mystery machines” as Trump has said.  When I think about the desire I have for my own family and for humanity, being healed is right up there at the top along with financial liberation.

I cannot imagine there is not one of us who needs some kind of healing given the assault(s) we have all been faced with for years, decades.  I think of the Executive Order, the term Human Right’s Violations and I would think things such as chemtrails/geoengineering, vaccines, fluoride, gmo’s and glyphosate, etc. fall under that category.  Not just human trafficking here I am feeling ~ but ALL violations of our Inherent Right to Freedom which includes health, happiness, justice.

We need to see these healing modalities, these “mystery machines” released to the public asap.  The People deserve healing.  Now.

The healing of all of their boo boo’s.

Then, one day, oh so soon, we can tell our little girl the people in her life are healed and restored.

As Source has always intended.

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