Heaviness and Detox ~ And Hopeful


So much heaviness within and detoxing going on.  Strange rashes and itching.  Nausea in the morning and then again in the evening.  Getting triggered numerous times today – each time taking great effort to pull myself out of victim mode and into empowered mode.  Doing pretty well with that, although the anger state is also being used.  Better than victim mode.

The overall experience is I want to jump out of my skin.  !!!

I visited the food bank today to get some produce.  30 minutes waiting in a stuffy, smelly room which turned out to be all for a lemon and a questionable looking zucchini.  The anger brewed.  We all deserve healthy abundant food. I had been told I could visit there weekly for a big selection of fresh produce.  One woman kept telling me to go check out the globe artichokes on one of the shelves so I did.  Moldy and discolored.  People still helping themselves to them.

All I could think was I was supposed to be the one running one of these things.  I tried off and on for 20 years to break into the system of social services, offering to “empty wastebaskets” just to be given a chance.  I was born to want to help others.  Right the wrongs.  Return freedom and justice for All.  I was an outspoken advocate for years to get the foodbank to expand and to bring in healthy, organic if possible, fresh foods.  That was difficult as the over-seer of the food bank was a system supporting lazy twit who would ignore me (letters) until I called and then eventually became too busy to talk with me.

It was a sad thing for me to be told such passion and new ideas went contrary to the very system that was created to help people.

But that was then and this is now.  In spite of the old thoughts I am feeling today, I am also inspired to keep on inspiring myself and others. Saying over and over again as long as I need to for myself and for all of us that we are worthy of EVERYTHING awesome and beautiful and amazing and fabulous.

Every one of us – equally worthy.  No one above another.  No one more deserving.

Worth is our inherent right.

Creator is worthy.

We are Creator.

Therefore WE ARE WORTHY.  (I studied philosophy in college – lol)

Wealth for all is here and it isn’t going to be the RV or Nesara or Gesara or any other controlled system.  Growing numbers have discovered the TDA accounts – OUR accounts hidden for decades.  More banking types and the like are now admitting, on audio, these accounts exist and indeed are ours. While mouthpieces for the system continue to spout “the rv is coming”, “nesara is coming”, the TDA’s are being tried out, used and for some, with success.  People are learning and are not going to give up.  The old way is no longer.  And the more people continue to access, to become aware, new systems will be used.  New codes.  Introducing us ALL to abundance to put an end to this millenia long enslavement.

And from there, the transition away from money altogether.

So next time you think being financially wealthy is a sin or isn’t spiritual, or that it can never happen to you, that you don’t want it or don’t deserve it, think again.  This is not about money.  This is about ABUNDANCE.  That energy that wants to create and have and use and enjoy.  I have long long long believed the time to be honest about money is NOW.  Today, I add in Abundance.

Let’s believe in this together.


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2 thoughts on “Heaviness and Detox ~ And Hopeful”

  1. Money is just the means to an end, I do not mean to demean the importance of having at least enough to eat well and not eat the pesticide poisoned and fake foods, sorry that so much of humanity has to eat this as they cannot afford better, its a step up I guess from real starvation, ironic, lots of calories but lacking real nutritional value….Money I love it, why not we need to have it at this moment in time the way the world is run, none of us should feel is wrong to want or to have money. I wish for all people to have enough money ( abundance) to live a very comfortable life with enough food and water that they do not have to worry should they pay the energy bills or should they eat………we live ruled by wicked people who view us as slaves and have not one shred of care for us….they have to make out to some degree they care to remain our over seers…Hopefully we will be free soon, whatever soon means to the universe, soon … humanity has had enough of this crappy system.

  2. I agree it’s a sad system. I garden organically and have an abundance right now. If you lived closer I would be glad to share with you, but since you are not I donated so you can get something good to eat. Blessings to you and your family. I have been feeling the eclipse energies and have been sleeping a lot too so this will be short.

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