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Hello Beautiful People.  Here are some love-talks I give to myself.  It’s important to remember, when speaking personal mantra’s, to do it slowly, tune in and find where the emotion is with each mantra, then to chill with that emotion for a time before going on to the next mantra.  For me, I wait until I feel tingling with many of my mantra’s.  In a nutshell – feeeeeeeeeeeeel the looooooooooooove feeling that goes with the words.  That is how we create change within – and without.



I Am A Sovereign Being

Hello cells.  I love you.  Thank you.

Every day I get stronger, healthier, younger, wiser.

I love me.

I love myself SO much, darkness cannot touch me.

I accept, integrate and give thanks to the energies of expansion and healing being sent to me.

I release resistance to wherever it is I Am is resisting these changes to my cells and DNA.

My cells vibe at the frequency of my 27 year old self.

I give thanks to my: (fill in the blank – i often give thanks to all of the parts of my body)

I vibrate at the 5th Dimensional Frequency easily and with grace.


What are some of your favorite mantra’s?

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