“I Know What Love Is…”

I love this famous quote from Forrest Gump, when Jenny is accusing Forrest of not really knowing what Love is and he turns, hands on his hips and says, “I may not be a smart man but I know what Love is.”

I view myself in much the same way.  I no longer fall for the “you must experience hate and fear and dark in order to know love” matrix speak. Wrong.  I know what love is.

I have been having dreams and visions of other-wordly Beings who show up and help out humanity.  Others have as well given the same intel on certain blogs I have been following.  Is any of this True?  Who knows.  I know the dreams and visions I have had feel very real and certainly the objects I have seen in the sky (of which I know some are of earth and others, not) are very real as well.

Others claim to wait for a rescue is claiming the role of “victim”.  And yet, isn’t that what humanity is by and large?  Victims of the biggest scam and lies in our known history.  Religions lie.  Government lies.  Corporations lie.  Schools lie.  This trickles down into our communities, our culture, our family AND friends.  Such lies I will not go into because if you have found your way to my site, you know of the lies of which I speak.

More about this role of being a victim.  There is no weakness or shame in claiming victimhood.  None at all.  In order to overcome it, we must see it for what it is – own it.

There is also no shame in needing the help of others.  Let’s face it folks – fighting back against the system – that has technology beyond our grasps as well as twists and turns of deceit interwoven in all fabrics of society, and thus has a lot of power over us – is pretty futile in our own.  Hard to fight back against something if it elusive, hidden and deceitful and thus manipulative.

In fact, I believe it is necessary at this stage to have some outside help.

They’re out there.  We see them.  Some of us feel them.  Why they aren’t stepping up and helping out at this point really disturbs me.  Angers me.  Love helps.  Love sees suffering and steps up and does what it can.  It doesn’t say be patient or in time we will help.  It helps at the MOMENT it sees distress.  That’s what Love Is.  And does.  Period.

Does this mean we’re all screwed?  I don’t know.  My heart is broken.  My mind and body, very tired.  And yet I continue to call out for help.  Why?  Because I feel weak.  Because I feel broken.  And mostly because I, like so many others, feel as though we are drowning and we could use a god damn life raft already.  Does this mean I AM weak?  Broken?  Hell no.  Far from it.  But it does mean this is the experience I carry within at times.  And I will not deny any of my inner experiences.  For what we resist and fight, we simply feed more of the same.

Love In Action.  Now.  I command it.

And so should you.




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