I Manifested Boysenberries


The harvest (after two females enjoyed a feast).  

That’s the best title I can come up because that is indeed what I was able to do tonight, only not in the way most of you are probably thinking.

Before the berry manifest, I had engaged in a one-way conversation with my Higher Self on paper.  I was angry and I let loose.  Did not hold back.  I wrote how I felt I was doing most of this journey alone and I am tired of the struggle.  I questioned how the “f” am I to Remember it all when my energetic memory was wiped.  I intend daily that I remember my abilities and who I am.  I demanded – show yourself.  Prove yourself to me.  I want to Remember.  I want to KNOW.  I wrote out every last bit of frustration until I had nothing left.  I sat there for awhile, did some breathing and went about the task of getting my child an ice cream cone.

About 30 minutes later, she and I headed out on a walk.  As we headed home, we walked by a house that has several boysenberry bushes.  The people who own the house are generous and have invited us to pick from the bushes whenever we want.  My girl asked if we could pick and I said we didn’t have any containers.  Boysenberries are not the type of berry you pick and place in your pocket.  So as we head past the house, the front door opens and out steps the husband.  “Hey girls,” he said “aren’t you going to pick some berries?”

I said “we don’t have any containers, but thank you ~ next time.”  He said “hold it right there,” disappears inside and reappears with two containers.

“Thank you!  That’s really kind of you,” I said.  (I should add I had this strange little feeling inside – the kind of quiet when you feel you are being guided and to just go along without questioning.  It’s hard to explain in words as it is purely a subtle feeling I receive.)

So little one and I go to check out the bushes.  At first we really didn’t see much.  We glanced over the spots we have normally picked on and just didn’t see anything.  Then something weird happened.  My girl walked back out into the street, I looked over at her, call her back and then as she headed back my way I felt a slight shift inside my body.  I then look back at the bush and I swear to you – the thing was laden with berries.

W O W.

I call my girl over and said “check this out!” and as she looks at the bush she said “wow mom there are berries!  Where did they come from?!”

We began to pick and I felt that quiet voice and feel within that left me with the impression that THIS is one of my abilities.  Instant manifestation.  And it was not something I forced.  It happened on its own.  In the flow.  It required no special meditation or crystals or chanting.  It was seriously easy and effortless.  Well other than following the flow of Source that brought the guy out to speak with us and offer us containers to pick from his berry bushes.

Also of interest ~ I had this inner feeling I could have manifested MORE berries if I had been in my Pure Being state of Worth.  If I had Intended more from this state.  Even though we were invited to pick berries, I have this issue with feeling guilt when I help myself to something that isn’t on my property ~even when it is offered to me.  Something needing to be examined and healed.

I am like a kid in a candy store with stuff like this.  I want to expand on this ability. I am super curious to see what will happen next.  In the dream-state experiences I have had of myself in that higher dimensional realm, on this New Earth experience, I did see myself having instant manifestation and while my Self in the dream was not surprised, the part of me still in this third dimensional reality was.

And of course I also gave thanks to my Higher Self.  Humbly apologized.  I really do wish to feel her more.  I really do strongly desire to Remember and to feel and experience and relearn how to use my abilities, in particular instant manifestation.  And yet I know the blocks to this are false beliefs needing healed and released by me, beliefs such as there is not enough to go around and how I am to make sure everyone else has their share before I take anything.  That and the thought I am not as worthy as others are in having their heart’s desire.

Oh ouch, ouch ouch on those, especially that last one.  As we say around here:  Time to change the record!

Also of note ~ last night before drifting off to sleep I had this question pop in my mind – what power would I like to Remember and Utilize.  It was a toss-up between healing myself and instant manifestation, with the very slight leaning towards the instant manifestation ability.

Will I experience this again tomorrow?  Tonight?  Next week?  Next month?  I don’t know.  It’s up to me.  Supposedly from what I have read, our ability to manifest is becoming easier.  All I know is I had a berry manifestation experience that I cannot explain with my human mind.

The proof is almost two pints of delicious boysenberries.

And another human/ego/spiritual experience of humble Remembering and healing.


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    1. i saw that this morning on roserambles.org i didn’t think of it as me manifesting though but yeah, it worked again. 🙂 thanks for the mention. my new e-mail subscribers took a big jump today.

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