I Really Am In “The Void”


I’m noticing a quickening within me.  Very little “outside” of me is resonating.  I am quickly and easily releasing my usual “go to” websites I visit.  If something does resonate, I share it.  So please know even though I am sharing the works of others, this is often because I have either weeded through a TON of other material that didn’t fit with me or (the method I prefer) a resonating piece will just fall into my lap.

Also having to release some situations and am noticing some people just fading from view while others are strongly in my physical space, which is what happened with a neighbor last week whom I was seeing daily – numerous times.  After I offered up a kind word to her, pure from my heart, and silently wished her well, I have not seen her.  Of note – another neighbor – the one I saw in my dream of the flash event – I have been seeing him almost daily now.  Today, 3x alone.  I feel no need to talk with him other than to just acknowledge him – something I had stopped doing a couple of years back.  Now though I smile and say “hello” and now I a receiving a “hello” back.  Not a smile – but hey, a hello is a step ahead of what I used to receive:  nothing.  lol  Something is up with that and I await the Universe to show me just what it is.

This is all just a trip to me.  A mind-blowing trip.  Apparently that’s the point, right?  Open up my mind to the point where I don’t “think things through/figure it out” because it isn’t to be done this way.  It is just to be EXPERIENCED.

People, ebbing and flowing in and out of my life.  I am having a strongly, quickly growing trust in my Highest Self and Universe to just allow this to fold out.  When I get caught up in the stresses of 3D experiences/living, something within tells me to let it go – all of that “stuff” is coming to a close.  My “job” is to ALLOW and BE.

Like my tree…

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