I Sing The Body Electric ~ Humanity’s Ascension Song

About 2 weeks ago, I awoke to this song going through my mind.  I hadn’t given it any thought since I first heard it 37 years ago.  (Was it really that long ago??)

The experience of hearing this song in my mind, especially first thing in the morning and at times, in the middle of the night (those times when it is just Me and the Universe), has had me thinking.  One of the lines began pulsating through my mind:  “I toast to my own reunion.  When I become One with the Sun.”  Over and over I began hearing these words.

Then it clicked.

I got it.  This song is about My Ascension.

Our Ascension.

37 years ago when I first heard it, as an innocent, quiet, searching 14 year old girl, I remember that inner voice (which was barely audible), prodded me to remember the song, to listen to it and absorb it.  I remember feeling intrigued by the song.  I wanted to know what it really meant.  What was the message?

37 years later, I have received it.

“I Sing The Body Electric.” (we are Light Beings)
I celebrate the Me yet to come
I toast to my own Reunion (with my Higher Self)

and then:

When I become One with the Sun (galactic central sun – the One – the Christ Consciousness – aka “the Son” – the God/Goddess.  The Creator.)

“I Sing The Body Electric
I glory in the glow of Rebirth. (Ascension)
Creating my own tomorrow (remembering our True Self – Infinite Creator’s)
When I shall embody the earth” (taking back our power and remember we are One with our Earth as well – ALL is One Life)

“And in time, and in time
we will all be Stars.”

I think that time is very near.  I can feel it.

Can you?

Here is the original video.  Enjoy!



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