I Want The Truth

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I’m sitting here, pondering the term “truth” and how when I have requested it or challenged it in any way of those in the intel community ~ usually their supporters, I am either outright ignored or given some pat-on-the-head response like “look the truth can be fuzzy.  and relaying of intel can be dangerous.  we often have to speak in code.”

That and “the people aren’t ready for the truth.”

What is this, some hollywood movie starring Jack Nicholson?

Then there is my least favorite and that is “Look, we are sharing this information for your benefit.  As always use your own discernment.”

Doesn’t this seem like a convenient way for those in the intel communities to remove themselves from any sort of responsibility in what they share? This isn’t sharing a perspective.  This isn’t sharing a philosophy.  That’s what I do.

This is about – supposed to be about – sharing factual information.

So when those facts prove false…

Own it.

That’s what I say.

Have some integrity and OWN what you say.

You make a mistake?


Then OWN it.

The people deserve the truth.

We deserve the truth about who we are and where we are.

We deserve the truth about what is going on in politics, here in the states and globally.

We deserve the truth about what is going on with disclosure.

We deserve the truth about our history, who really created our current physical structure and when this “dumbing down”, tampering w/our DNA happened.

We deserve the truth about topics like Nesara, Gesara, the RV.

We deserve the truth about suppressed technologies that will liberate us, heal us and get us off this damn electric grid.

We deserve the truth about the make-up of our planet.

We deserve the truth about what really IS “out there”.

So much speculation.  So much sharing.  So many promises that fail to happen.

Delay after delay.

Excuse after excuse.

Stop treating us like we’re children and start respecting us as the Sovereign Beings we all are.

I’m questioning everything right now.


Even Ascension.

Are we really ascending or are they slowly altering us (again) and killing us?

Are there really Higher Dimensional Beings helping us?

Is Trump here to restore the republic or is he just another puppet for the shadow government?

Is this global financial jubilee Truth or just some CIA or otherwise psyop?

I’m not saying this to frighten anyone or put doubt in anyone’s mind.

I’m speaking these words from one who struggles with being weary and fed-up.  I fall off the wagon of Hope and question all that I have come to believe.

Then I take what I feel is still useful and move on.

Always seeking the Truth.

For that is really what this all comes down to.  All of the above-mentioned Topics.


And unlike the Jack Nicholson quote “You can’t handle the truth!”..

…We CAN handle the truth.

Not only handle it,

we deserve it.

We are owed it.

Not some day.




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9 thoughts on “I Want The Truth”

  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you, I stop going to those ” enlighten” sites like David Wilcox who ALWAYS have inside information but CANT TELL, or you got to go to their expos to get new info that is NOT NEW.

    1. yes that pisses me off too. oh we have this intel but can’t tell you now. if i had info that i knew would help save humanity i would frigging share it! but then again i’m not them…

  2. Totally resonate.

    The one thing I know for sure is that some people are going to a whole lot of trouble to mix truth and lies to keep us in a state of confusion.

    To go to all that trouble says to me that the Dark knows something Very Good will be happening. It seems, however, that the Dark, unable to prevent it, will at least do all it can to frustrate us in the meantime.

  3. I agree we NEED the TRUTH
    I try to hold on,,as they want to innoculate the life out of my grandson ??!! OMG
    FORCED state here !? what ? they cant have peanut butter but lets fill them wiht mercury and aluminum and preservatives
    I can rail against all of the bad going on and then we get shot down in our so-called Light worker communitys !!?? for even asking a question ???!! we are prosicuted ( sorry I have horrible spelling)
    Thank oyu for letting me post, I feel angry and betrayed
    time to disconnect,,I will always still do my daily prayers and meditations
    but I give up on this

    1. oh god – are you in california? i have wanted to move my family to the mt. shasta area but the draconian laws – esp. those on vaccines – keep me out for now. you will not be shut down on this site for asking questions. and i believe we are all going within at this time. i feel it. my desire to help awaken the masses has reached a void place. now i just share my thoughts and know they will resonate with someone. like attracts like. vibin’ with my tribe. that is where i am currently. kinda like i have pulled away, packed up my stuff and want to surf the ride home with you all.

  4. This was me the other day, walking my dogs and staring up at the night sky. Was flat irritated about how “everyone else” gets to see ufos, or had some inside information with some alleged “ascended master” who has some higher insight to things, or is somehow super special privy to get shuttled off into space, while there’s those of us who aren’t given the slightest shred of Truth. I don’t want truth. I want Truth. I’m tired of waiting, authorizing, hoping, day after day and getting nothing. No answer, no guide, nothing from nobody. Not even a whisper on the wind.
    It’s crazy how your posts constantly reflect my thoughts, especially in roughly the same time framing.
    Why are we not allowed an answer? Even partly, something to hold on to until we have our footing.

    1. the only answer i ever have for myself is to trust my own inner-workings. and you know what billy? i think it’s far better to be ones own channel than to channel information (supposedly) from an ascended master. i would rather have my channels clear, from me, from my higher self. my energy space. obviously there has been massive levels of control put in place – systemically – to keep the Truth from us. but i also believe WE KNOW that truth – it IS within us – our cells – our dna – our higher self. and slowly that has revealed itself to us – as you have shown yourself given the fact you KNOW the system is a fraud, we are far more than our bodies and the fact that you are searching for the truth puts you WAY ahead than 90% of the population. but i understand the impatience. i’m quite good at being that. <3

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