Intending An End To This “Groundhog Day” Experience


I dedicate this one to my mate…


I have read numerous times lately that people are tired of experiencing “Groundhog Day”.  This feeling that nothing changes in spite of people’s intentions and focus on healing, ascending, transforming out of this reality.

My mate says the same words ~ and he doesn’t read the things that I do so he obviously tuned into that collective feeling and thought of “when is this gonna end??!!”

I read another piece on incoming energies and the ascension process and what this group of energies are doing to our bodies.  I have been following such intel for about 2 years now.  However I am reading comments by people saying they have been reading this information for 5, 6 years or more.

And here we still are.  People are starting to ask questions.  Frustrations are being shared.

I do believe things are playing out on a certain “timeline” for lack of a better term.  Kind of like the game of dominoes.  Stack them all up in a pattern then push one to get things going.  They don’t all fall at once. They fall one-at-a-time.  (I sure hope that explains my theory.)

As I continue to state (and feel deeply), I do not believe we must be fully healed and at this state of “perfection” in order to reside in the New Earth frequencies.  We keep being told to stand on our own, heal ourselves ~ that we have this power if we can Remember.

I am intending that I remember Who I Am daily.  I know many of you are as well.

And I am also intending for this cosmic flash (it is something beyond the solar system, imho) to come in which I feel, which I have seen, will allow us to Remember.  Fully.  At first I “feel” it starts off as a feeling.  Like the mask coming off (great metaphor for this is one of the final scenes of The Last Mimzy when the humans remove their masks and walk into the light together ~ and yes it does happen in a flash ~ and there is a look of confusion in their eyes and on their faces ~ but they intuitively know what to do).

I read over and over again where we fell.  I like to say we were pushed. Without going into the semantics of that, let’s just say this:  We are not doing this experience alone.  Love is grander than that.  Supportive for certain.

We need this energy event.  NOW.

We are already receiving assistance with these smaller events.

Obviously not all are awakening or showing signs of awakening.  Most everyone in my daily living would say they were not familiar with the concepts of ascension (taking place now) or this cosmic flash/event.

Nonetheless, I feel all will be affected.  What happens after that will depend upon what one chooses.

I feel there are a variety of energetic realms within this New Earth frequency.  No doors will be closed.  All will be open.  Where we reside though will be completely based on our vibrational resonance.  Which means ALL ARE FREED from this separation experience.

I realize I may have gotten a little off track here.  I see this as the most loving parents welcoming ALL of their children ~ all of their creations ~ into their loving energy space, regardless of whether all of their creations are at their caliber, regardless of who they are or what they are.  It is the intention that counts.  And if one intends from the heart to return to Source Self and Remember and Heal, that is what matters.

Speaking as a parent, I cannot imagine doing anything but that for my child.

(I need to add I do not see the relationship we have with Source as a parent/child relationship.  I am of course still feeling out just what the relationship IS and Who/What Source is and how does it manifest within Me as Higher Self.  I am using the analogy of the level of love I have for my child and how I see her as absolutely equal to me in terms of worth and value and how I welcome her anytime she wishes my presence and comfort and Home.  If she got lost, regardless of circumstances, I would do all I could to end the separation.  I also realize too that the level of Love I have for my child still falls short of the Love of Source.  But that’s ok. Like the rest of you, I am still awakening and remembering.)

So back to this groundhog day experience.

Just like the movie itself with Bill Murray, it is his new perspective on himself and those around him that got him out of that experience.  Did he need this experience to awaken him?  It seems that way, yes.  And when he knew he was ready to end the experience, when he felt it in that state of absolute calm knowing, it indeed ended.

I think there’s a little metaphor of truth in there with that one.

Let us intend it is over.  Say it outloud.  Continue to say this until you feel it at every level of your being.

My experience of feeling like nothing changes is OVER.  In this now moment it is DONE.

I accept myself as I am NOW.  I accept others as they are NOW.

I now embrace this next stage, this next step in my evolution.

I now embrace and accept with gratitude the cosmic flash that will provide me with the Remembering and Healing we are ALL seeking.

Thank you.  It is done.

(or as my mate says, “make it so”)




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