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Awhile back I wrote a piece on Intending New Earth.  I am feeling it is equally important on intending The Event.  As I have seen it and feel it, it is a special (for lack of a better word) energy pulse that returns us to our heart-space, elevating our consciousness so that we fully remember who we really are.  It affects us all and it is immediate (although the need to get clear on what just happened will be necessary ~ along the lines of awakening from a deep state of sleep suddenly.)  I don’t have all the specific left-brain analysis of this ~ I am a visionary and receive visions which I attempt to analyze.  While I know awakening does require us to use some of our brain matter, it is mostly a higher mind and heart/feeling journey.

In the dream experience/vision I had of this, I was surprised at not only what I saw as the Event (which until this dream I was leaning more towards the arrival of other Beings) but also how it transformed people – even those who I thought would take years to awaken/open up.  Not only that, I also saw where this Event crumbled dimensional veils, revealing the other planets that always surround our system.  I can confidently say there will be far more to that story once it is revealed.

However you view this, whether as a story or something that is really going to happen or even as disinfo, we are master creator’s, so let us create this scenario by intending the illusions drop.  Our hearts, awaken. Our awareness of Self, returns.

And so it is.


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2 thoughts on “Intending The Event”

  1. I had regularly vision of Event or moment close to before it start. It getting sooner then ever. Yes the transformation of sleeping people on this moment will be amazing, like we are those special, needy children needing more time then them(sarcasm).

    Some pretty interesting article who got me inspired( with also your article Victoria):

    I wonder if being here and this separation with all being intelligence make us develop different unique signature(personality), when you part of whole you under constant influence (as above as belowe) but here arent we developing into something never existing? Like our being in future would be able in opposite to those not from earth able to melt with higher inteligence(source)[back to light] and during this time keep our personal being. I mean transceding higher realms being able to keep oursleves not melting into one being but keeping ourselves as parts of it.

    1. i always appreciate your insights, sword. t/y for that. yes ~ i feel we will be returning to that state of Oneness but also remain US as individuals. that’s why i like to say – we’re One but we’re not the same. more of a unity consciousness than a unity of physical and all else. i’ve saved the link for later. be curious to know of your visions of the event. awesome day to you and blessings! v.

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