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I am not much of a chess player so I searched for people who are (or at least know about it more than I do).  “black king has only one move left before the white queen moves down to checkmate him (or the white knight moves to reveal the white rook). that should do it!” …  “After Na3 the queen is forced to go to e2 and then after Rh1 there’s a threat of mate on h7 so the black queen has to check on e4, but then the white king is safe in the back rank and black’s bishop is still trapped. That’s the best I could do lol sorry. I couldn’t find a forced mate but black is clearly lost.”  …  “Just 2, knight to a3 check, king to e2 forced, queen to f3 checkamte. It can be delayed 1 move by using the rook, but same outcome. The black rook or bishop would be trapped by the white rook, causing checkmate at queen f3.”


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