Is It Possible?

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Going through my social media sites tonight, I noticed a trend.  A trend where people, obviously disappointed with the election results and the inauguration of a new President, are looking for a variety of issues, many of them petty and insignificant, to insult not only Trump supporters and Trump but his wife/family as well.

I am focused on what is possible.  And as such, I wish to present some questions on what is possible.

The pictures of the Mall in D.C. showing the crowds, side by side pics showing Obama’s inauguration of 09 and Trump’s last Friday.  Clearly there is a difference in the number of people.  Besides stating the obvious – which is “and your point is??” – I will say this instead:

*Isn’t it possible that the protester’s own admission of intentionally blocking people from attending worked and thus skewed the final numbers?

The pictures showing Melania’s choice of clothing at the inauguration, comparing her suit to that of Jackie Kennedy’s suits – one of which was worn at JFK’s inauguration and one of which was just one Mrs. Kennedy owned. Besides stating the obvious – which is “is that necessary??” – I will say this instead:

*Isn’t it possible Melania chose this outfit because she admired Mrs. Kennedy?

For all of the attacks on Trump, for all of the character accusations throughout the year, all of which was released by the mainstream media outlets, who were supposed to be objective in their election coverage but were blatantly biased towards Hillary from the start, I will say this instead:

*Isn’t it possible all of this media backlash was because Trump calls them out on their blatant dishonesty?

*Isn’t it possible that not only is he a threat to the criminal cabal of D.C. Politics, he is a threat to, as he says, to the entire establishment of corruption that plagues not only the media and politics, but business/industry, hollywood/the entertainment industry?

*Isn’t it possible that for every bit of dark that the media says comes out of Trump’s spoken word, there is far more dark within the establishment itself?

Hillary supporters:  I once was a Clinton supporter.  I voted for Bill twice – proudly.  So I know where you are in your rabid defense of them.  Been there, done that.  So I ask this of you:

*Isn’t it possible for you to expand your point of view, research what I and countless others have written about?  For really, you have no valid opinion to offer unless and until you have done what I and these countless others have done:  Researched thoroughly, in depth, both sides of these contentious issues and accusations, weighed all of the evidence against your higher self and then and ONLY then – do you come to a rightful, just conclusion of your own doing and merit.

To do likewise, is to show nothing but impossible ignorance.  And we have had enough of that, haven’t we.

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