Is The Universe On Overdrive Or Am I Just Tuned In?

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I go nutso silly when the Universe speaks to me. She has been doing so in lightening speed the past few days – so much so I feel I need to carry around a recording device.

Given all of the intel and sources I follow, I have been hearing for a few months how our communications and thus our manifestations with the Universe are increasing in speed.

Here’s the examples of just the past few days:

A few mornings ago I woke up to the song “Jeremy” (pearl jam – awesome tune, btw) going through my mind. When this happens, I know it is my higher self with a message. So the past couple of days I keep hearing it, going back to that period in my life, trying to figure it out with my brain. (like that ever works!)

One line became prevalent yesterday: “lemon yellow sun”. So again, I tried figuring it out, realized I had no answers and just let it be. Until tonight. Watching a video on youtube – the caption “sun shaped like a lemon in Montana”. Well if you are close to me, you KNOW Montana triggers something in me and has for almost 20 years. Don’t know if I am “meant” to live there. Don’t know if it’s even about the particular place.  But what started as a song lead to a video which mentioned my magic word “Montana”.

The million dollar question?  What does it MEAN?

I don’t know.  (cue laughter)

I have had the issue of repeating numbers and what they mean come up several times today, including going over a paper a friend has written on the subject and having a video show up in my e-mail box on the subject.

I have had the issue of rh negative blood come up several times today, including seeing a link to a video on youtube which I just happened to save for later viewing 2 nights ago.  There are over 55,000 videos on the subject on youtube.  What are the odds that the same one came my way twice?

I awoke two mornings ago wanting to find a piece of paper that had an energy release exercise on it.  I found it strange, but also felt I needed to do it again.  Synchronicity was not finished as earlier this evening, as I shared, on a whim, this energy release technique I once did a couple of years ago I was asked me if I could pass it on.

I was thinking that as quickly as the Universe’s communications with me seems to be getting, it really isn’t that the Universe is communicating w/me faster. It is that this is how the Universe works in it’s natural state.

As I raise my vibes and as my body continues to adjust to the increasing frequencies, it is simply easier for me to receive this information.

It’s like I’ve tuned into the correct bandwidth.

And after decades of feeling more or less in between stations, where all I hear is mostly static with the occasional moments of clear music, it is indeed something to celebrate!  Thank you, more please, Wonderful Universe!



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