Judith Kusel ~ Immense Upgrading Happening


Earlier tonight I went to the store for a few supplies.  When I came home I told my mate that I didn’t feel like I was fully in my body.  I felt very floaty ~ also had the same experience yesterday.  Reading this I felt “yesssssss”…


Immense upgrading is happening on all fronts now and will be escalating in the next few weeks.
We are now moving into a massive Suncode-wave, where the keys and codes of the 7th Central Sun, via the Sungate in Sirius, is now awakening the dormant faculties of our Higher Mind.
It will bring in massive shifts in consciousness, but also shifts in perception, as the veils between worlds now are being completed lifted and we can literally span dimensions now – at least those who are ready for this.
These are the sacred geometries, the keys and codes of high Magical Science (or what we perceive as magical, but in truth is just a fusion and expansion, rearranging of energy fields within certain patterns).
(Judith Kusel)

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1 thought on “Judith Kusel ~ Immense Upgrading Happening”

  1. Upgrades yes but here in cabal CT we have been hammered with Chem trails for 2 weeks. Worst ever!I can smell them!
    It is a replay of blade runner.
    I need to be outside in beautiful nature in order to breathe, to connect. I have not seen Sun in days. That is where I get my Energy from!
    It is a Struggle and I am so tired of this.
    Freedom Now! I Do Not Consent!
    I am Free, Divine and Sovereign!

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