Let’s Get Authentic & Real About Money


I recently read the following (paraphrased):  To those who believe the release of humanitarian/prosperity funds is going to change their lives for the better are going to be sadly disappointed.  True change comes from within.

Yes indeed there is an element of truth in that one ~ namely the last sentence.  Authentic change is an internal experience.

And yet, I take strong issue with the opening statement.  I can share several examples to challenge it.  And honestly, I wish those in the ascension and new age communities would stop chanting such thoughts. They can be hurtful and often miss the entirety of other’s experience(s).

But first I wish to speak of the thought process on money ~ those who claim thoughts alone create financial abundance.

If that were the case there would be far more of us who are swimming in financial abundance.

If that were the case, why is it those who have the most are often the darkest in their deeds?  You really think people like the Clintons and the Walmart’s sit around and speak heart-felt words about financial abundance?

They got to where they are through over-power and greed and thoughtless, ruthless behavior.  Period.

Thoughts are powerful.  And they create.  But we still live in a system of control-over, power-over and as such, the people who have been the most harmed by this system need some love.  Not judgment.  Let me now share some examples for whom financial abundance would deeply change lives for the better.

Take for instance my mate.  The gift of money would enable him to get more treatment for his chronic health issue he deals with.  It would allow us to locate to a bigger home where he could have the private space, namely the private bathroom, he desperately needs on many days.  One of the results of his issue leaves him in need of a bathroom, at times for hours at a time.  It would enable him to get the massage/bodywork treatments, the sauna and hot tub treatments his body needs.  It would enable him to buy the necessary supplements that help him repair and restore his body instead of cherry-picking what we can afford.  (You want to know real stress?  Try having to pick between paying a bill, putting food on the table or buying a health remedy your body needs.  IT IS WEARING!)

Then there is a friend of mine who has chronic health issues as well, has limited income and deals with housing insecurity.  Like my spouse, he has tried a variety of remedies to alleviate his health issue.

I have other friends for whom their chronic health issues have left them with limited incomes, where they have to choose between which supplement or health treatment is most needed, needing to dismiss others, often forgoing necessary treatments/remedies.

Healing oneself is an approach and effort that often requires many different modalities.  I know that from personal experience.  I too would deeply benefit from a financial blessing for my own health issues.

So while authentic change is an internal process, in this pay-to-do system, (that many of us feel will be ending) money in the NOW provides one the freedom to pick from a variety of remedies and modalities when the internal process of self-talk, self-belief and the like alone has not been effective enough.  We are multi-dimensional and multifaceted beings and thus have a multitude of needs.  Money indeed alleviates a lot of stress and that stress, especially when it’s on-going, can create a host of unnecessary suffering and struggle.

Seriously – this is not difficult to understand, you know?

Let’s stop this pie-in-the-sky, right-brain only focused new age la-la speak on money.

Let’s add in some practicality to the issue of money – from the heart.

We owe it to ourselves.  And we owe it to those who are struggling unnecessarily all due to pieces of green paper.  ALL are worthy of abundance in ALL forms.  And while it starts by Affirming this for oneself, being on the receiving end of financial blessings is often a necessary piece of the return to Wholeness and Health.



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