Little Moment of Synchronicity At Sacred Tree


Headed out for one of my mama walks.  Along the way I decided to stop in and see my sacred tree.  I had been listening to some recorded tunes on my digital voice recorder.  As I walked up to my beautiful tree, I decided to pause my music.  Something said to look down at the screen, which I did.

I happened to pause the music at the 11:44 minute mark.  Power magic number for me.

Ok then, I thought.  I did indeed need to stop here.

So I greet her.  Felt the usual buzzing.  And I received one word.


Moving towards union.

I’ll take it.

We all will.

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Author: Victoria1111

Truthseeker. Philosopher. Goddess. Starwoman. Freedom and Justice Creator. Writer. Musician. Composer.

1 thought on “Little Moment of Synchronicity At Sacred Tree”

  1. Namasté greetings sacred heart and being Victoria, gratitude and thank you for sharing the new risen earth we co create as o e how impeccable creation and all its glory praising our father sun, every abundance and blessing to you and all loved, Derek

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