Little Tidbit ~ Maybe A Sign?


Today I suddenly had the urge to go around the house and say “good-bye” to all sorts of things.  I looked at some of our stuff even, said “good bye”. I had this heart-felt feeling to enjoy deeply the time we are spending with a particular neighbor who has been like family to us.  Enjoy those moments deeply.

I looked at old pictures, reminisced, thought for a moment, would I want to go back to certain times?  No.  I knew.  I knew I was ready to go on.

It was a strange experience and I cried some.

I feel the Event has already begun.

Just putting this out there.

Anyone else feel NOTHING they do in this fading reality works?  It’s this feeling, that continues to grow but also becomes more, what, ingrained within and thus easier to relax into…if that makes sense.  It’s just this feeling that we’re in a holding pattern and we have shed so much and are just waiting for the moment to take the next step into our experience, individually and collectively.

I feel it in my body.

What say you?


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