The Dark Side of M O N E Y And The Healers In The Ascension and Spiritual Communities

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Let me get right to it.

Why won’t some of these healers in the ascension communities, the ones who sell healing products and provide spiritual services, often at prices only the elite or well-to-do folks can afford, reconsider their pricing structure?

Why not select say 5 people a month and provide those services for free?

Why not offer a sliding scale fee?  It isn’t as though everyone makes the same levels of income.  I’ve long been deeply bothered that I pay the same price for a gallon of milk as does some elite lawyer living in a mansion on top of the hill in a gated community.

SO WRONG.  So unevolved.  So contrary to any and all progressive movements I see going on in my community.

I get particularly perturbed when I see others share their services on youtube videos and the like and speak of the horrors of things like glysophate in the water and air, chemtrails in the water and air – essentially poisons being sprayed on us against our will and control – and say we need to give their products a chance if we wish to heal – or survive. If I had such a healing product I created or method that would help save the populace from such horrors, I would make DAMN sure my product reached as many people as possible – regardless of their ability to pay.  I would at the very least do as I mentioned above.  Do some pro bono and offer sliding scale fee or do a donation option.

Same if I had some magical energy ability to heal people.  I have asked for it.  Many times.

If I am granted this ability by my Higher Self, you can be sure I will make sure I heal as many people as possible.

Isn’t that what we are here for?  To help as many as possible with our gifts?

Why is it then ridiculous prices are charged?  I mean seriously – $125/hour?  $150/hour?  $300 for this product and that?

Don’t these folks know they drive away a lot of people – people who are every bit as worthy as healing as the more well-to-do folks they serve? ALL DUE TO MONEY.  Do they even care?  Do they even stop to think perhaps they could change the monetary charge – change it up a bit – to reach more folks?


I frankly expect more out of them.

We all should.

It’s time.

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4 thoughts on “The Dark Side of M O N E Y And The Healers In The Ascension and Spiritual Communities”

  1. Lmao!!! That is how I feel, I have notice trough out the years that those ” healers” have been infiltrated and I wouldn’t want their help…the REAL healers dont charge because they want to help as many as they can ala Edgar Casey. I AM not religious but…you can’t serve both money and spirit….

    1. i don’t have an issue with charging money even for healing services. if that’s your gift then making money at it, i feel, is fine. as long as we live in this 3d money paradigm i would rather see more people making $$ healing than being lawyers, real estate agents and the like. the issue i have is how much they charge and how they do it. but yes – i am very very careful now when seeking healers. energy must feel pure to me. these days i am focused on self/higher self/source for healing.

  2. Before my ascension experiences became very intense essentially taking all of my time and energy, I had a small group for whom I did energy healing and some intuitive work. The issue of money, for me, has always been difficult and it is for many in the spiritual area because, many people feel that because we are doing basically God’s work, it should be free. The other side of the coin is that we, as healers are taught that, for the healing to be effective, there needs to be BALANCE ie a proper exchange of energy whether that be money, time, appreciation, etc. and the fact is, the healer is working!
    As we move into the higher dimensions, I look for those healers/readers who work by donation; or whose charges
    are reasonable. If not, move on.

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