Mandela Effect In My Own House and ‘Hood


After posting the piece on our realities splitting just two days ago, which discussed things disappearing from our lives, I have had two big mandela experiences.  Both occurred yesterday.

  1. We have somehow lost a large radiator heater.  It is not in the house or garage and we have looked everywhere.  Honestly my first thought was “it’s in the new house on the new earth”, which I thought “naaah” and kept on looking.  It is not at our neighbor’s house either – where we have been known to store things at times – only this time NONE of us can recall asking him to store it – just 4 short months ago.  Zero memory of that.  I was awake last night at 3am – in a very peaceful state – and I thought of that heater and I suddenly felt as though that was a timeline that was fading.  I could feel the experience in my body.  A silly memory/experience of having a radiator-type heater in our house, which we used all last winter, was suddenly feeling as though it had happened to someone else.
  2. On my walk with my girl last night, she stopped at a driveway on a street that over the past 5 1/2 years we must have walked past hundreds of times.  There has always been two piles of arranged rocks, surrounded by black rubber, in a cut-out piece of the sidewalk on either side of the driveway.  ALWAYS been this way.  I have memories of walking my girl as a toddler and until this past year, she would always stop and want to pick up one of the rocks and take them home.  Last night?  There was only one pile on the south side.  The pile on the north is not only gone but THERE IS NO HOLE CUT OUT IN THE SIDEWALK where the rocks were.  It is literally as though the hole and the rocks never existed.  I thoroughly checked out the smooth sidewalk, looking for where maybe the homeowner removed the rocks and filled up the hole with more concrete.  Nope.  It is the original sidewalk.  I had my mate go check it out today as he found our story hard to believe.  He came back, eyes big, saying WOW!  Where did the rocks go?  Where did the hole go?  He too checked over the concrete (he used to work in a concrete lab) and he said the sidewalk is the original sidewalk and in this reality, never has there been a hole cut out of it, filled with rocks.

Which reality are we in?  More and more I am experiencing the straddling of two different timelines, certainly experiences.  More and more I feel, overall, calmer, trusting my Highest Selves to lead me.  Releasing worry. Fear.  Doubt.  Certainly more confident, solid in Who I know I Am.  I had a phone call today with my mom and noticed when I spoke of my abilities and talents I did so from a place of pure Knowing. It’s as though all of that muck is truly leaving me.  All of that energy of the stories I once believed.

What’s next?

Teleportation?  Flying?  Instant manifestation?  Instant healing?  Morph into the new earth realm?

Let’s do it!

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