Mandela Effect, Time-Line Jumpin’ And Synchronicity OH MY!


I had two very powerful, wonky experiences within 30 minutes apart of each other.  And oh WOW do I have to share them with you!  I had just been telling my mate how I had read a Gregg Prescott (In5D) post on facebook yesterday and his experiences with vertigo and timeline jumps. I had on The Sound of Music for my girl and I to watch.  It was the end of the movie ~ the scene where The Captain and Ralph are in a moment of confrontation.  I have owned this particular DVD for over 2 years and have seen this movie at least 1-2x yearly since I was 6 years old.  Watching this movie as a young girl gave me the first experience of past-life recall.  I suddenly knew I had lived in or near Switzerland ~ certainly in the area where I could see The Alps.  I just knew in a moment I had lived there.  A visit with an Intuitive 25 some years later confirmed this when she said I had lived a life in Switzerland as a midwife.

So it was interesting tonight as I watched this scene, I noticed the background behind Ralph began to move and swirl.  I like the term “wonky”.  I had never seen this before so I called out my mate, returned to the scene and he witnessed it as well.  I played it for a third time and this time recorded it.  It is below.  It’s a bit harder to see given I recorded it and my hands were a little shaky but check it out.  In fact, if you OWN The Sound of Music go to this scene and see if your movie is showing this same scene.  It is indeed possible we are seeing a Mandela Effect in process.  A new timeline being formed and that particular scene is being changed.  Who knows, ya know?  I just experience these things and gather as much “proof” as I can to pass along to ya’all.

The next interesting experience came about 30 minutes later while in the shower.  Yeah, my sacred woo-woo space.  Suddenly the song “When The World is Running Down” by The Police goes through my mind – loudly.  I don’t think I have ever had that song run through my mind.  I actually like the song a lot but it is not one of those songs I “hear” in my mind.

As the song runs through my mind, I suddenly feel dizzy/woozy and I see the shower wall in front of me move back and forth ~ much like the scene in the movie I describe above.  I called for my mate and he jokingly says “it’s just the water in your eyes” to which I adamantly said “LOOK at my face.  I have no water on my face yet!”  I asked him if he was sensing anything at the time and he said “nope”.

All of this happened at around 8:25pm and 9:00pm Pacific time.

Of interest, the full title of the song by The Police is this:  “When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around.”

Synchronicity indeed (and no “synchronicity” to me that one of The Police’s best/most popular pieces is “Synchronicity” ~ funny how these things work sometimes!  Such a trip ~ I love it!).  Things lining up to shift BIG TIME.  The Matrix is crumbling.  Has crumbled.  And now we just make the best of what’s left until we jet on outta here into the new experiences of truth and freedom.


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