May 24, 2017 ~ The 9th Wave


On the 24th of May something very significant happened to our evolving planet.

A major energetic stream of Plasma consciousness came in and started streaming to our Earth grids.  This event was very significant and apparently more powerful than the 2012 alignments.

When we heard this was the case we decided to explore further and get a Krystic Server reading on this.  

If you are not sure what this means, it is when Akasha and I connect into the Higher Self Universe and connect with the source point from which all creation emanates from.  

We call this the Krystic Server, as it acts very similar to a hosting server for there internet except it is hosting the very Universal Matrix in which all the galaxy’s in this universe reside in.  It streams with a Christ Consciousness, so it is the externalisation of the Christ and plug in and receive undistorted information from it.  Akasha has the remarkable clear downloading and visual acuity for this Source Consciousness to communicate to him in the coding language of geometry and pictures which he is able to instantly translate.

The result is our Krystic Server sessions we do to get the latest information of what is happening in the world.  in fact we can navigate any topic we want to explore, which is great as I have so many questions about the nature of reality.

Anyway for today we explored what Source called the 9th Wave, the 9th energetic wave of frequency to help accelerate our planet’s evolution to the higher dimensions.

To listen to the three minute video, click here.

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