A Mind Exercise ~ THE NO THINKING TRICK that will help you keep your mind silent until you need it


This made me smile as last night I was doing something similar after knowing it is time to cease the focus on the mind chatter and listen to the tune of my heart.  Problem is I needed a method instead of just telling it “yes I see you, now hush please.”  


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Date: Thursday, 30-Nov-2017 13:38:43

Imagine you own a hammer that also sings. The hammer has a mind of its own. It sings whenever it wants and it bangs whatever it wants whenever it wants. Your best bet would be to sell the hammer and get rich.

NOW to your mind:

Imagine you have a small backpack on, and you are walking and want to enjoy your walk in the moment. You picture yourself reaching up and pulling your brain out of your head and dropping it into the backpack. Now keep walking.

When you are driving and want to pay attention and not get lost in your mind’s memories, you merely reach up, pluck your brain through the top of your head and drop it on the seat next to you. If someone is sitting in the seat, don’t tell them. They might throw your brain out the window.

In both cases, if you need to, after getting your brain out, focus on your chest rising and falling as you breath. That will help you focus your attention away from your brain which is now either sulking or having a come-apart.



Why would I want to do that?

TRY IT A FEW TIME and you will experience why.

THE END. nem

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