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As out there as I go at times, by nature I am a very skeptical person. While I can let myself get carried away at times with fantastical ideas and visions, there is a solid voice within me that pulls me back and says “not until you can prove this, my dear.”

I have a variety of rocks and crystals throughout the house.  I wear particular stones and pendants for protection and the like.  However, I can say I have never physically “felt” anything in my body emanating from the stones/rocks I have.  Not that they don’t have their own energy, properties and uses.  I believe they do.

Then I ordered a Moldavite stone (which is actually a Tektite, which comes about when earthly/terrestrial rocks melt with high velocity meteorites and the like of extraterrestrial origin. A nice little marriage).

It arrived today.

One word:  Wow!

Now two:  Holy SHIT!

The power coming from this thing ~ and it seems to increase the more I touch it or am around it.

When it arrived, I was not in the most pleasant of moods, so I decided to wait until I was more grounded and focused (amazing how one little person can pull you off center) before I opened it.

When I did, I put it in my left hand, my receiving hand.  I stood in my one spot in the house where I can relax a bit and let go.  I closed my eyes. Within seconds, my entire body felt chilled and I began to tremble.  Hmm, maybe I’m cold I thought, placing the stone down.  Nope.  The trembling ceased.  Still skeptical, I picked it back up again.  Same experience, so I placed the stone back down and continued to tremble inside for about 10 more minutes.

I had my mate touch it.   I didn’t tell him my experience, just said “give it a try”.  He said he felt warmth then said “hey, I’m trembling all over!”


I kept it in the box, on the counter, until a few minutes ago where I decided to pick it up again.  As I did (I thought I would probably tremble again), this pressure came over my chest and I started to get dizzy, so I put it down.

Where it still sits.

Until I learn how to incorporate it slowly.  If anything, it is affecting my energy points and it is no surprise the first place to really feel the expansion was in my chest, my heart chakra, which I absolutely know is shut down and in need of expanding once again in that beautiful flow of All That Is.

When shopping for this particular stone, it’s important to know the fakes from those that are authentic.  You want to avoid stones from China and Thailand (the original impact of the meteor that created this stone occurred in Czechoslovakia) and I read where there are many frauds selling on Amazon, Ebay and even some on Etsy.  The photo above is what real Moldavite is supposed to look like (unpolished – some sellers polish it up – I like the natural, rugged look).  I went with a seller on Etsy who had several thousand purchases of this stone with excellent reviews and who is an Etsy Top Seller.  Overall, it really is kind of a crap shoot.  Do your research and trust your gut.

Any of you have experience with this stone?  If so, please share.


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