Must Watch Video ~ The lords of wars and hosts: On earth as it is in heavens


This video is answering and resonating growing awareness I am having, or either have had and wasn’t quite sure of (yet has continued to come back into my awareness) including my thought tonight about how much of ME is a simulation. We are Source.  In “Heaven” there are no rules.  No karma.  No lessons.  This simulation we are in was created as a space of quarantine, a containment system. WE DID NOT CHOOSE from a place of TRUE SOVEREIGNTY to have our memories erased.  We were hijacked.  It is our Spirits they are after – those Spirits that are One With Source.  It is our essence of benevolence. Very powerful video and I hope all who watch who still believe things such as we chose to come here into this matrix, that we have to learn x y z, that we are bound by contracts and karmic lessons until we “get it” is part of their dark agenda and has nothing to do with Source or Truth.

The lords of war and hosts: On earth as it is in heavens

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2 thoughts on “Must Watch Video ~ The lords of wars and hosts: On earth as it is in heavens”

  1. Prison Planet.
    According to my Akashic records, I fought in the Orion Wars against the dark. They kidnapped me and several other thousands and brought us to earth. I have been a prisoner her for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years.
    Prior to that, I was a Terra Former for the planet Earth.
    I am getting off this god forsaken planet this time around!

    I am a Divine, Sovereign, Loving, Multi Dimensional Being!

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