My Ascension Symptoms

I’ve been posting other people’s ascension symptom articles and thought I would write of my own experience.

To begin with, I came into this world with a feeling that I was here for something big and transformative.  I began getting visions of what can only be called New Earth in my 20’s.  In the early 2000’s I noticed articles on The Age of Aquarius would come my way.  For some time, I kept waiting for something to happen to me.  Around the year 2012 I got into Human Ascension and again, waiting for something to happen, noticed nothing so let it go a couple of years later.  It wasn’t until very late 2015 I began to notice a shift within and thus started reading articles on Ascension, especially the symptoms.  From what I read, a galactic wave of energy hit the planet, creating all sorts of symptoms in the human body. This was the first of 3 such waves, the second having arrived in March of this year and the third one, coming in the 3rd week of September.  It is said this 3rd wave is going to be the strongest, with the initial “force” of it being felt by some already.

While I cannot prove any of this (although NASA has referred to them as ‘energy waves’), what I can go by is the sensations and feelings in my body.  Here is what I have experienced, in no particular order:

  1. Extreme fatigue followed by bursts of energy where I feel almost giddy.
  2. Spaciness, feeling drugged at times.
  3. Short term memory issues.
  4. A sensation of losing “time”.
  5. Unusual body aches and pains.
  6. Muscle weakness.
  7. Chronic sinusitis.
  8. Scratchy throat.
  9. Mixing up my words – at times being at a loss for a particular word.
  10. A growing desire to use telepathy for communication.
  11. Along those lines, a growing desire to use my Light body more and my physical body less.
  12. Strong desire to be alone.
  13. Being around others is at times unbearable as is being in any loud, bright or confined space(s).
  14. Inability to listen to loud, jarring music.
  15. Strong food cravings that last and go in waves – from craving root veggies (a first for me) to salads/greens to simply wanting fruit.  While I still eat meat because my body needs the particular protein, I am finding the desire for it is slowly, overall, waning.
  16. A desire to “go home”.
  17. A near obsession with the Stars and Star Beings (think Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters).
  18. Strong urge to downsize and simplify.
  19. Need to be in nature as much as possible and walk barefoot on the ground.
  20. Feelings of being completely in the moment, in the Now – that is becoming easier as well as a necessity.
  21. Feeling time is speeding up (also known as The Great Void).
  22. Very emotional with a strong need to purge.  Revisiting old memories and experiences which many I thought I had already healed from.
  23. Synchronicities.
  24. Strong connection with The Flow.
  25. Along those lines, having more moments where I feel lost, alone and cannot seem to feel Spirit/Source.
  26. Feeling like I lack clear direction.
  27. Goals I created/create go nowhere.  It’s as though I am being stalemated.
  28. Needing peace, quiet and extra sleep.  And naps.
  29. Insomnia.
  30. Overall just weird sleep patterns.  I go through periods where I need 10-12 hours a day plus a nap to getting by on 6-8 (often interrupted).


Get as much sleep as you need.  Rest when you can.  Meditate.  Do NOTHING.  Stretch.  Commune with nature.  Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the Earth.  Drink a lot of water – purified.  Bless your food and drink.  Heck, bless everything starting with yourself.  Move slowly and deliberately.

Before heading out, especially if you are driving, get in the “now” and intend what you are doing and where you are going.  Sometimes I feel I am walking between two worlds and feel quite “invisible” to the outside world so I literally say “I AM HERE” outloud when I drive, especially when I come to intersections or am pulling out of a parking space.

Pay attention to your body and give it attention.  Pray.  Listen to quiet, meditative music.  I’ve found on my cable carrier, Comcast, an awesome station called “Soundscapes”.  It plays new-age type music, much of it piano and I have it on daily, all day.  Play. Engage in quiet, creative pursuits.  Gentle exercise – walk.  Yoga.  Spend time alone.

Overall – love yourself.  Nurture yourself.  Treat yourself the way a mama cares for her newborn baby.  Sounds extreme?  Well look at this Ascension process the way that I do: you are literally birthing a whole new You.  And this You needs Love In Action in much the same way as does that newborn baby.

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