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I usually keep my predictions to myself or share only with a very small number of people.  I have had my share of ridicule and downright condemnation throughout the years because of my ideas/feelings/knowings.  However, some of my predictions and feelings are so strong right now, the need to share has gotten to the point where I awoke this morning with this sense of quiet urgency: it is time to go global with my thoughts on what I feel is happening and where we are headed and what is to come.

To begin with though I want to share a few predictions/premonitions I have had that came true.  I had a dream of the space shuttle challenger’s crash the night of.  My Higher Self told me “something horrible is going to happen tomorrow that will change the world for a long time and there is nothing you can do about it” – on 9/10/2001.  I had a dream in 2004 of massive volcanic activity with new mountains appearing in the oceans – which is what we are seeing today occur.

Ok so without further ado here’s what I feel is up and what is ahead.

I have felt all year long there is going to be a surprise with our elections, if they even happen.  Something is going to happen that will be surprising for humanity.  A part of me feels like the election won’t even matter – either our vote won’t matter or we won’t even need to vote.

I believe disclosure is happening already.  Call it “soft” disclosure.  Our Star Friends are making themselves seen worldwide.  Heck, I’m seeing that craft every night now and this has been going on for almost 2 months.  In time, soon (by years end perhaps – hard to not be biased on this one as I am ready for it yesterday), they will be landing.  Those who are humanoid/look the most like us will be landing first.  Both myself and my mate have had countless dreams over the years of this happening.  I believe part of my purpose is to help others who may otherwise freak out in fear to remain calm and say “hey it’s ok – I’ve known this is going to happen for years.  It’s all good.  They are here to help.”

I also believe we will see the release of new technologies that are going to make our lives so darn simple.  Makerbots (3D printers and technology) will be in every home allowing us to make our own food, clothing, even homes.  Free energy devices will be available to all eliminating our need to be a slave to the grid of big oil and coal and power companies.  New technologies for healing will be available and I believe the focus will be on vibrational/energy medicine.  I believe such technology will enable us to heal from any ailment painlessly and rather quickly.  Say good-bye to Big Pharma.  The release of suppressed patents that are for the good of humanity will finally be released as well.

I also see the elimination of money, but prior to that I feel we will be having a redistribution of the wealth.  Credit debt and other personal debt, which has kept us enslaved to the banks and their grossly illegal activity will be abolished.  Say good-bye to the banks.

Gone will be the days of working our nose to the grindstone.  Because of the new technologies and new financial system followed by the elimination of money, we will FINALLY be free to pursue and create the lives we truly authentically want.  Say hello to and embrace True Liberation!

The old ways and systems – the archaic religious dogma’s, our public school’s, government bodies – all will be phased out so that new beautiful system’s can be instituted.

We will finally learn of our TRUE history and not the horseshit they feed us.  (Excuse the language – but that’s what it is).

In a nutshell, all corruption and lies will be coming to surface – as they already are.  This is only going to continue my friends.  Sit back and enjoy the show in loving detachment.  Once Truth breaks through the ice, it cannot go back again.

We will also, in learning of our true history, will also remember who we really are.  We will both be taught and given the memory of our superpowers.  To us they will seem like super powers at first, but they really aren’t.  What they are, in truth, are repressed abilities that have been brainwashed out of us through cultural conditioning as well as repressed via DNA manipulation thousands of years ago.  What sort of powers?  Telekinesis.  Clairvoyance.  Teleportation.  The ability to manifest instantaneously.  The ability to manipulate energy/matter.  I saw myself in the future through several dreams and I was able to manifest a butter knife, bread and peanut butter just with my INTENTION and FOCUS alone. Quantum physics has now proven that electrons change wave patterns when you simply observe them.  What this means is that with focus and intention YOU CAN CREATE WHATEVER REALITY YOU WANT.

Cars will be a thing of the past as will planes and trains.  Want to go to Hawaii for lunch?  No problem.  Hop in your light ship or if you prefer, teleport via your personal teleportation device.  17 seconds to anywhere.  Unless you are going off planet then, well, add in another 10 minutes or so.  Imagine – NO MORE RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC or waiting at stop lights or having to go through airport security for a vacation.

As a prelude to and a part of all of this, humanity is undergoing a process of evolution. Ascension.  Our DNA is evolving where we will be going from two strand DNA to 3 and in time 12 (and some say over 1000).  Research is showing this is already happening, with some children already being born with the extra strand.  (Look it up if you don’t believe me.)  This will give us those “superpowers” I speak of above – each additional strand.  I believe we are simply returning to who we once were and who we really are before all of this DNA manipulation crap was done to us.

Key to all of this is to LET GO.  Let go of ALL you were taught and all you think you know.  Be open like a child.  And as always, use discernment. There are forces at play we cannot control my friends.  I have felt since I was a young child that I was here for a very important reason.  I felt I returned to this physical body to be a part of something Big.  I have felt this sense of urgency at times throughout my life – waiting for something BIG to happen.  When those times have come and gone the disappointment I have felt is pretty overwhelming.  The research I have done however has shown that around those times of my feelings of urgency – there were supposed to be changes – big changes in our world – that didn’t happen.

Today, however, I see proof of these changes I have been waiting to happen for over 25 years.  I welcome them and I hope you do as well.


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