It’s A Now Year And Here Is What’s Up


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Hello and greetings as we continue to shift and transition and release and celebrate.  A few things to share with you all.

My itching returned after several days of reprieve.  Same locations.  This time I decided to check out my body visually and see if I could get a read.  My feel?  Expansion.  My body is elongating.

Here is another strange, new phenomenon I just noticed in the last 48 hours – twice.  If I hadn’t read of others having this same rather bizarre experience, I would have perhaps had some concern.  The experience?  I notice a burning smell ~ similar to the smell when the curling iron burns the hair.  I noticed it two nights ago and again last night.  It’s brief (thankfully).  I read a fellow ascension warrior’s social media page, where others were reporting this experience, and she said it is the changing over from carbon-based to crystalline-based.  It is temporary and nothing to fear.  What’s interesting is no one else around can smell it ~ as was verified in this house.  My mate couldn’t smell a thing and he has a hyper-sensitive sense of smell ~ much more sensitive than mine.

Last week I read about people having their personal portal’s located on their property.  I have discussed this before after having my own experience seeing a portal out in front of my house and having some interesting experiences while in meditation/relaxation and one while asleep.  I read after people had done this, they noticed the skies clearing up, the sun coming out and the like.  I was dubious as to all of that but decided today to give it a try.  It was a totally intuitive, in the moment experience.  I was walking out back, alone, stopped to look at the sky and something said “activate the portal”.  So I did the guided breathing exercise and waited.  A grumbling “this is ridiculous nothing is going to happen” story but I let it flow through me, willed myself to “allow” and got into that silent space.

As I did, I swear to you the sun suddenly got very bright.  Even with my eyes closed it all but blinded me.  It was like it, well, “spoke” to me.  It felt like that moment in the Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation movie where, after effort after effort to get his holiday lights to actually work, his wife finally figures out the problem, turns on the light switch just as he, in a last moment of frustration, connects the cords and Hallelujah!  The lights turn on.  I stood there, hand shielding my eyes, saying “NO FRIGGING WAY!  This is NOT a coincidence!”

I stood there, taking it in, then asked “ok what next?” and felt/heard nothing.  It was then that the sun dimmed again and a few minutes later, I went inside.

I will share my experience with those who had their own similar and if I hear any intel/news/useful information I will share it.  If you wish to do this experience, I will tell you what I did.  It may not be word for word what I originally read (and I am too lazy to find the original guidance), but it is the basics of what to do.  Intention, I feel, is what is most important.

  1. Stand up, hands out to the side.  I think he said palms up, but I did it palms down.  (I forgot that part).
  2. Take a deep breath into the lungs.  After you let out the breath, when you feel you have released all of the air, go deeper and force out the remaining air.  Trust me – it’s there.  Repeat.  Then relax.
  3. I then imagined energy from the earth coming up my left side, guiding it into the right portion of my brain and out into the earth again.

In my mind I silently stated “activate portal” a few times.  Then I just stood there and allowed.

That’s it!

If you do this, let me know your experience.  And if I happen upon his instructions, I will update this and share.

For now, I am continued to be reminded of how Powerful I Am.  Using this Creative Power wisely, consciously, with full intention.  Remembering. Allowing all to come back “online”.  And Knowing my Original which reminds me all of this is my inherent Gift to use for creating and experiencing all that I wish and desire.

Happy New Everything.  



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3 thoughts on “It’s A Now Year And Here Is What’s Up”

  1. Hi Victoria,
    Happy new year to you and your family.
    I had the burning smell on and off the last few years and I would ask my husband if he smelled something burning and he always said no. I also had a weird body smell that would come and last all day and even if I was in the bath, i could not smell the soap but still this weird body smell was there. My husband could not smell that either. Sometimes I could not taste food either, everything was bland. I’ve been having the hot and cold thing going on the last few days, last night my feet were freezing and had to get out of bed to put socks on.
    I had the same feeling about the portals as you but I have not tried activating one. Will give it a try but right now it is so cold here, will wait a few days for it to warm up.

  2. Happy New Year! Funny stuff re: portals. When I moved from Idaho to Wash. a decade ago, one of my last duties in Id. was to close the portal there and relocate it in the W.Wash. prop. Job done. The fun part was the opening of the personal portal. It still tickles me when I walk into it. The energy is so pristine and palpable that it literally sings! A few years I brought a very sensitive friend into it. She has always acted as a catalyst to me. Needless to say the intensity was so great that we were literally reeling! More fun. This article is very informative for me since I haven’t consciously been utilizing it. Thanks, Ms. V. for posting the information. Jim

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