How Old Do You Want to Be? 30? Ok then…


My birthday is next month.  I told my mate earlier today I am going to be 32 ~ and I was quite serious.  The calendar of 3d says otherwise but I also feel for I have also seen me in new earth realm and I look like I did when I was around 30.  Then I just happen to stumble upon this gem tonight and had to share. So in alignment with what I have felt for some time now.  


If you are over thirty,,,,your body will start morphing back to the age when you were about thirty.

If you are under thirty,,,you will grow until you come to age 30 and you will no longer grow, but stay at 30.

Its like kids,,,,they continue to grow, until age 30.

Your life span for your present body will be raised to 125 years, all the while with the body and health of a 30 year old.

At 125 years, it will be time to get a new body. Not really a reincarnation,,,,,but a new body, memory intact, who you know now, you will know with the new body. You choose how long you want to live in your new body,,,,,1000,2000,3000 years or more, it is your choice.
Many change bodies about every 2 or 3000 years, but you can keep your new body indefinitely, it is what ever you desire………

So before you leave 3D earth, you might grab a shit pot full of birthday candles,,,,,,,haaaaaa ha ha ha

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