On Criticism ~ A Necessary Tool To Teach Toughness Or An Unnecessary Tool For Darkness?

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I’ve been pondering “criticism” today.  In our western world we are taught to be tough in the face of criticism.  In fact we are even encouraged to know how to “take it”, as though knowing how to “take it” is a virtue.  To struggle with it or show emotional upset can be seen as a weakness that needs toughening up.

Well this woman disagrees.  Completely.

Inside I have NEVER ONCE been ok with criticism and even though I can show a different outer facade today – inside I simply hurt. It’s an energy that does not feel comfortable to me.  It doesn’t resonate with me.

And it never will.

And nor shall it should.

Holding a differing opinion is obviously a part of Life, here, there and everywhere.  We all have our own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

However when we step into the area of criticizing another person, we are infringing upon their personal space by imposing OUR will, which is not uplifting but instead, destructive in nature.

Let’s stop the criticizing.

Let’s be thoughtful of how we speak with one for whom we disagree.

Let’s instead present our idea, noticing our body language, noticing whether we wish to control the other person or simply share our particular perception on the issue of discussion.

And let us always remain open to the fact that this other person may just be mirroring an unrecognized Truth we hold within that has yet to be uncovered.

Then we can do away with criticism altogether and instead of feeling the need to “toughen up” ourselves and our children, we can instead just be Soft and Supportive – Flexible and Free – which is the natural state of Who We Are as Sovereign Beings.




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