On Karma And Breaking “Contracts”

Over the years, I have come to view karma and contracts as another extension of the control matrix.  While I believe thought creates, as do actions, and for the most part, what we put out to Life comes back to us, the notion that we must learn in order to evolve spiritually is a bunch of bunk.  Let me explain why.

1) We are Source.  Source does not need to evolve as it just IS.  And as such, WE just ARE as well.  We’re here having an experience.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  It really is that simple.

2) I stopped buying into the whole concept of having to return to this planet to even out karmic debt when the following thought came to me:  How on earth can any of us possibly do that when we cannot remember what in the hell it was we did to begin with in a previous incarnation?  Short answer: WE CAN’T.  If this were part of some truly Conscious Intelligence, it would enable us to remember the past transgression so that we may fully understand the situation, resolve it and heal.  It’s like trying to teach a child a lesson on lying, for example, when they have clearly forgotten what it was they lied about much less the lying they did.  That lesson just isn’t going to sink in.

3) Same thing for these contracts.  I don’t recall “signing” (agreeing to) anything and if I did, I did so under duress or pressure.  Seriously folks, you really think Source would come up with such a deal much less enforce it?  I’m not saying Source doesn’t “care” – I am saying Source doesn’t judge.  It all just IS.  No duality.  And things like contracts and karma are about duality and judgment.

4) Life review.  Another layer of the matrix.  If I choose to do a life review upon my physical death, so be it.  If I don’t, so be it too.  ANYTHING that is deemed a requirement is matrix-speak and I don’t vibe with that.

As I have stated before, I believe we lived freely and peacefully as physical beings some 25,000 years ago before beings from off-world invaded, altered our DNA and set up a bunch of systems designed to keep us in fear and under control.  The belief in karma was indeed one of them.  I feel we already knew about the power of our thoughts to create and were quite conscientious beings.  However, that’s where the concept of karma began and ended.  These beings set up religious systems that added on the “you must return to this planet until your karmic debt is absolved” lies.

I believe upon death going to the white lie is not Truth but just another layer of the matrix.  As a friend once said, jokingly but still truthfully, “Don’t go to the light.  It’s an alien with a flashlight.”  Source IS.  Source is Love.  Pure and simple.  Therefore, Source is always there for us to return to.  Source certainly is not going to say “sorry you didn’t go to the Light.  Limbo-land or hell for you.”  Bunk.  Or as the Brits say, absolute rubbish.  I intend on listening to my own guidance, just like I do while in this physical plane and let THAT be my guiding Truth – even if I am surrounded by loved ones who have passed, angels and even the image of Jesus.

Lately I have been saying a mantra, canceling all of my karmic debts and contracts and even removing trauma’s and other unnecessary suffering from the akashic records (still not fully sure what I think about that subject), from my cells, dna, my brain, my mind, my body, my auric field, my higher self, my soul and my oversoul as connected to Source.  Essentially what I am doing is releasing all energy “cords” that have kept me attached to the matrix.  My desire?  To have ALL returned back to its rightful owner – ME. The fullness and totality of my Being.  Me and Source, together as one again, as it was and is meant to be.  Always.

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