On Spiritual Guru’s: I Would Rather Hear YOUR Story

my-story-is-beautiful-960x640I received an e-mail about an upcoming spiritual summit.  There must be a list of over 50 well-known individuals in the Spiritual and Self-Awareness community.

And for $50,000 I can listen to them all speak in a luxury 4-star resort.

Ok so that last part was an exaggeration.  But I must say that, at my tender age of 27 (ok 40, um, ok FINE over 40), I am simply weary of this obsession we have with people who are well-known as well as this ego-based thinking that often plays in those circles that says THEY have all the answers for you and me.  And most indeed am I fed up with/finished/absolutely done with the price tags of some of these gigs. Many of these folks are already multi-millionaires. How on earth can they justify charging such outrageous prices just to talk?


We have become so needy and desperate for SOMEONE to tell us our Truth – which is really just our inner personal story. We spend large amounts of money listening to some guru, nodding our heads, thinking “ah yes NOW I get it” but then we return home, several thousand dollars later, and really, do we REALLY “get it”?  Does it stick? Or do we buy another book or visit another seminar?  Or pay a psychic or a channeler to tell us our Truth?

I’m trying not to judge here as I have done all of this myself.  But I am here to say I found my own Truth, my own story, listening to my own self. It really is that simple.  Want to know your Truth?  Tune out the world, quiet your ego and tune inward.  And wait and listen.  And be willing to accept what arises.  That’s how I did it.  And that’s how these folks did it as well.

You know whose stories I am most interested in?  Not these well-known Spritual guru’s and their Truth. Nope.  I want to hear every day people’s stories.  Yours.  In fact, I want to hear your story.  Think it isn’t interesting?  Think again.  I wrote a song once called “Ordinary Day” and the ending lyrics are this:

We all have stories, that tell of our lives.

And we all hide them, when it’s really no big surprise.

That we all think

How did I end up this way.

How did I get here.

Why am I here.

Who am I.

What am I supposed to do.

So come on and dig deep.  You have a story and I want to hear it. Please…leave your comment or contact me personally.  Just like you, your story is beautiful and unique and the world really does need to hear it.



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