On Trust And Letting Go

With all of the questions I have had lately and the doubts as to whether I am transforming or dying, as what always happens, I return to the place of trusting and letting go.

The scene from Finding Nemo comes to mind to best describe this.  The character’s Dory and Marlin have summoned a whale to help them travel to Sydney, which is where Nemo, Marlin’s lost son, is said to be.  (For those not familiar with the film, I’m talking about fish here – not humans – but the lesson still applies.)  Dory is the trusting one, Marlin the skeptical one.

Inside the whale, Marlin is freaking out while Dory continues to communicate with the whale.  After awhile, the whale rises up, causing Marlin and Dory to hold on tight to its tongue.  Dory has announced they have arrived and the whale needs them to let go of the tongue and drop down, enabling them to be released out through the spout.  Marlin at first is refusing.

Finally he says “How do you know something bad isn’t going to happen!?”

Dory pauses and says, “I don’t!”

This was a choice – a pivotal moment – we have all experienced.  Do they trust and let go?  They have been guided and protected all this way, have come so far, do they trust the whale is part of that journey and let go and just DO or do they cling on and do nothing, thus destroying any chance of finding Nemo.

Well they let go and are released out the whale’s spout – into the harbor in Sydney – exactly where they needed to go and asked of the whale to take them.

Celebration ensued for a few moments, accompanied by a huge change in Marlin’s character.  He relaxed.  Became more empowered.  More of his Authentic Self.

He had been guided along the way to find his son.  He intended and focused on this one goal.

And he reached a moment of potential danger, even possible death.  He could no longer control the situation, so he chose to let go, surrender, trust.

I see this transformation and ascension process in the same way.  How do we know this isn’t some massive experiment?

How do we know something bad isn’t going to happen?

We don’t!

That’s when we pause, breath and see that yes, in spite of the bad ugly dark agenda’s still playing out, there HAS been a guiding Hand in all of this, for those of us on this journey.  We have all had those moments of help, right?  Moments where we are guided to read something or moments where someone helps us with a long standing issue or someone tells us of this or that, putting us in a new direction, a new focus.

And my experience says those moments happen after my human self has pitched a major fit (or fits) and exhausted, I surrender.  I trust.  I let go.

And Magic happens.

I get reminded again that I am not alone.

None of us are.

For in spite of the bad and scary and dark, there is something more Powerful.

And that is Love.


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2 thoughts on “On Trust And Letting Go”

  1. I LOVE the Finding Nemo video, and am pleased you showcased it. Another really good example was the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where he is faced with the chasm that separates him from the chamber that holds the Holy Grail. He has that defining moment where he has to just trust God and have faith and let go…and he puts his foot out to walk across, despite it seeming like there’s nothing there, and amazingly finds that there is actually a bridge that blends in perfectly with the walls of the cavern. I don’t know if I could have had that kind of faith…I guess I still have issues with letting go too. Glad you found a way to doing that though. 🙂 And no, you’re not alone, and there is something much more powerful out there watching over us! Namaste!

    1. oh i am still having to work on letting go. and yes – i do remember that scene. i was a young teen when i first watched the movie so i had to think back – but yes – remember it. 🙂

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