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interesting piece…  but i have to warn you – if you want to read the rest, you will have to be sensitive to a lot of misspelled words.  (my pet peeve… so i decided not to link the whole thing as my “need to fix” kicked in and i opted not to play editor beyond what i shared.)  


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December 28 at 3:52pm

Just wanted to share some ideas I was pondering about.

So this is taurus energy.Taurus energy is a complete toroidal structure like that which shape the universe to the macrocosm and microcosm.Inside that torus shape, you have capricorn energy which just represent all the possible shape,structure you can create inside.Virgo energy represent how you analyze every shape finding how to use them and optimizing them.Virgo deal with analyzing the golden number ratio spiral inside a torus structure.This path spiraling perfectly inside is where libra energy flow with the least friction.Virgo analyze this to try and optimize libra (air,thoughts) energy to flow better .

This knowledge of earth energy can be apply to everything from or thoughts realm to our emotional realm,into reality,into art and science. Literally everything is based of that and this is especially true because we live in a 3d physical earth reality.You can always place your consciousness if you focus and stay centered in the middle point of a taurus structure to get connected to the whole and get the most control.This is pretty much how all our chakra point work.They are focal point that we can put our consciousnesses on using our third eye,or heart….Also the center piece of a taurus is called a tetrahedron.

This is the heartpiece of any toroidal structure. It has 7 faces and it’s a very not-well-known shape because it holds a lot of power this knowledge of the heart and how light can enter this engine and fire up the kaleidoscope of color a taurus can offer. I thought would be appropriate to share so people can understand more about the structure of things and how the heart function also how the ancient embedded knowledge of everything into astrology. There is other type of energy to learn about like air,fire,water and electricity magnetism)that 5th element that’s what we are sentient energy in a physical vessel I believe).  If u think i am wrong on anything please correct me or add to the knowledge just thought people would appreciate that I share all this.  Much love to everyone!

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