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By: Me, Myself and I

As I watch this #pizzagate horror unfold, I am overwhelmed with emotions, not just for the millions of beautiful, innocent, precious children and their magnificent souls, but for myself as well and all of the rest of us who have been abused at the hands of sick, psychopathic adults who somehow get high or some sort of a twisted thrill intentionally harming children.

With each day that passes, with every single fucking horrifying hour that ticks by while the whores of the mainstream media refuse to cover this, while their equally twisted minions make up fake bullshit lists of (supposedly) fake news sites, this means another child goes without rescue, without healing, without justice.  As all of this blatant cover-up continues, the abusers are still avoiding the prison time they deserve, where if the people would have a say, these fuckers would have their eye lashes pulled out one at a time.  Then their toe nails.

You get the picture.

Normally I am by nature a very compassionate, empathetic person.  I see the pain in others.  I see how this pain, when not treated, causes us to behave in ways we wouldn’t normally behave.

However, when it comes to child abuse and especially child sexual abuse, I have no compassion for the abusers.  I don’t give a shit what happened to them as children or as adults.  I don’t give a shit what system stooge got ahold of them and corrupted them with promises of power and thrills and control.  I have no mercy on them or their souls.  None.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada. You let yourself sink to those lows, you no longer deserve to be alive – anywhere. You lose the right to exist with the rest of humanity.  For to do this to a child you not only damage their minds, but their hearts and their souls.  They are FOREVER changed.

And because of this – WE ALL OWE THEM.

To those who wish to dismiss this as some cover-up, I will say this: because of the very nature of the topic, you owe yourself, you OWE IT TO THOSE CHILDREN, to at least go through the information.  Do your own digging.  Do your own researching.  And then, after you have spent time (and I don’t mean just 15 minutes – I mean hours), you can then tell me, to my face and to the face of those millions of children who have been abused and assaulted and forced to experience horrors you and I could never even imagine – you face them with all of the information you come across and you tell them you think it’s a conspiracy.

You would have to be as twisted and psychopathic as the abusers themselves.

May justice and mercy and truth and Source Love guide every last one of us during this time.

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