Planes Headed to GITMO



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“I am but a humble student of Q’s crumbs from way back when so let me share my thinking with you:
Q posts Washington Crossing the Delaware in his very first post
Q posts the same painting a few days ago
Significance: The incident that re-ignited the 1st Revolution
So Dec 25th and 26th will be the operations that ignite the 2nd Revolution
World run by Luciferian pedo elites
POTUS thinks they are disgusting animals
POTUS tells them on live TV the other day in their secret code that because of the loyalty and might of the US military, the elites have been delivered into his hands and he will destroy them
POTUS is always 5 steps ahead.
Masterful deals with Saudi Arabia, amazing rapport with China and Russa (who also hate the pedo elites)
Lots of crumbs about military loyalty, tribunals and jurisdiction.
Saudi Arabia upheaval is a BIG deal. Trillions in bribery and blackmail money taken out of the system.
Rothschilds attacked by good guys. Mission failed.
Puppets attempt to find other sources – fail.
Some forced to wear tracking boots
Rothschilds panicking
HRC tries to cut a deal – denied.
Q assures us POTUS is 100% insulated and has anticipated their every move
Q posts a directory listing of Antony Weiner’s laptop that is in timeline order: from the leaks to the murder of Seth Rich to the attempts to get POTUS impeached. Extremely damning. Things are about to get real.
Q posts stringer addressed to Julian Assange. JA is safe – he was rescued by the good guys last Oct just in time. It’s misdirection – everyone concentrates on JA but the real ops are the Owls rounding up the world’s most powerful people. He did this misdirection before with the SA ops. Disinformation is necessary.
Panicked coded tweets (in a childish little code that I can understand now) from The Pope, Lynn de Rothschild (about John McStain), Debbie Wassermann Shultz, John Brennan
On the evening of the 26th, reliable information comes in that there are multiple aircraft heading to GITMO. Information checks out. Therefore my conclusion is that the satanic elite pedo child traffickers who run our world have finally been captured and will be hauled in front of special military tribunals tomorrow.

I read the map.

Every day.

The Board Owner”

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