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Spinning Wheel, Spindles

I was speaking with a neighbor today who I haven’t seen since just prior to the eclipse.  We were sharing our personal experiences, each agreeing it was a magical beautiful moment and given it was something that reached people globally, the feeling of connection, of Oneness was palpable.  I told her how this was how we are supposed to be living – much more in Unity Consciousness, gathering together regularly, on our own, instead of waiting for some outside event to Unite us.

I was happy to see how she resonated with this.

So naturally I think “So why not do just that?”

Each week, each day, remember the Magic of that day and call it up.  And know others are doing the same.  Clap.  Giggle.  Hoot and holler.

Ever since that day, I have had such a strong desire to continue the experience, but not alone.  I want to BE in that state of magic – daily.  And I want to experience it with others.

Ideas?  Suggestions?

It’s like a new level of magic and connection was felt that day and oooooh how I want – how I need to be in that state with self and others.  How I am ready to Allow myself to have that experience.

Today after doing some food shopping, my girl and I walked to the park that’s across from the store.  There was a woman spinning fabric onto a wooden spinner.  Fascinating!  Well, for me.  I tried getting my girl interested in watching, but she was more intent on climbing the benches and playing in the trees.  So while she did that, I had the absolute delight in speaking with this woman and listen as she explained to me about the different fabrics she is working with.  I thought back to my feeble attempt at learning to sew when I was in junior high.  I received a C for effort (all the other girls received A’s).  I am much more open to my creative/crafty side today of course, having dove into that in my 20’s.  As I spoke with this woman, I began having a vision of spending my days doing such interaction.  Learning.  Creating.  Sharing.  We spoke of returning to some of the practical ways, sewing being one of them.  Crochet (another difficult task for me to “get” – even today).  Real connecting.  Heart-based creating.

Daily.  A way of Being instead of just a random experience we happen to encounter, Divinely guided by the Universe after buying chocolate and sauerkraut.

And so it was and is on this day, weeks after the eclipse, 9/9, which includes my ongoing thoughts/intentions for Irma and our human family in Florida.


(naturally this song went through my mind as i drove home)

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