Power Restored On All Concourses At Atlanta Int’l



I am sure ya’ll have heard of the massive power outage at the Atlanta airport.  The biggest question I have (aside from what REALLY is behind this) is aren’t airports required to have back-up generator’s in such a situation?  Especially for the biggest airport in the world?

This smells funny to me.  Here is a message someone shared on social media from an (alleged) employee of the airport:

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I found this article that speaks of this airport being the busiest in the world and as such, a target for human trafficking.  “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world, and is an important destination for political refugees. Amnesty International says that makes the airport a target for human traffickers. Amnesty Interanational’s regional headquarters is actually located in Atlanta.”  Here is another article detailing the same issue.  Was today a positive move to stop this?  I saw a video where part of the airport was filled with smoke as well as saw a piece that said the power outage was a result of a fire underground.

I am sure with all of the disclosure coming out, the war/storm/purging going on, this is not the last we will be hearing of this story.  Until then, as of 45 minutes ago (9:50pm PST), all power has been restored.

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