Preparing For The Third Energy Wave of September 2016

Editor’s note:  As I have mentioned before, I am not one to post channeled messages, but I will if the message resonates with me.  I have seen a variety of messages speaking of the 3rd energy wave coming in next month (September) with the same dates mentioned:  9-11th (when the wave first begins to hit) and the 26th (when it arrives fully).  The people who speak of this have a variety of backgrounds from writers to intuitives to phd’s in the sciences.  Before I read this article, I awoke in the morning only to to hear my Higher Self tell me “it is time to prepare yourself for this next wave of energy”.  I asked myself what I needed to do and was guided to get extra rest, meditate, gentle exercise, drink a lot of water and eat good food (high vibrational foods can also be as simple as blessing your food – something I do).  Upon reading this piece, I knew it was Truth for me and thus, am sharing with you.  


“We are here now.

We love you.

We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

You have experienced the first and second Wave of intense energy in the last 12 months.

Now you are getting ready for the third wave of energy that will give you profound support for your Ascension journey.

 Each of these waves are clearing old vibrational patterns in your cellular structure, DNA, emotional body and spiritual body.

Then, new light codes are being disbursed on your planet to lift you up into a higher dimensional reality.

At the same time, these powerful energies and shifts might cause some of you to get thrown off balance emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As you are preparing for this upcoming wave, it is of utmost importance that you tend to your vibrational frequencies, emotional and physical state on a daily bases.

Most importantly, the amount of light codes you will receive, depends on your permission and choice to receive the highest, yet appropriate amount for your individual journey.  

Are you ready to accelerate your ascension and with it a higher dimensional experience?

We recommend that, each morning, you take time to meditate, to set your intent for what you wish to experience and create, that you nurture your physical body with high vibrational foods and clean water, plenty of rest as well as exercise.

You can imagine this time period like a training ground, before the initial wave comes to your planet. (September 9th – 11th)

During the initial wave you will already experience the energies and the more you can tend to your physical, emotional and spiritual body, the better.

Starting on September 26th, the third wave will arrive at your planet and will continue for several weeks. 

The duration of this wave depends on the level of integration of the collective mass-consciousness of humanity.

Remain in your emotional, spiritual and physical center as much as you can.

Together with Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael we will keep you updated during this profound and important time.

We are with you… always.

We love you.

We are you.



Thank you, Galactic Council of Light!

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