#Q: The REAL “PSYOP” Exposed


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#Q: The REAL ‘PSYOP’ Exposed.

Published on Jan 12, 2018

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4 thoughts on “#Q: The REAL “PSYOP” Exposed”

  1. I considered watching this, but my higher self wanted me to pause. There is no description warning or preparing me for the content and I have long since learned not to leave myself open for assault of the senses.

    So many people are losing their minds over the Q posts. They are questions and people want answers and when they don’t get them they have tantrums.

    As if the people aligned with the alliance are going to let everyone know their plans ahead of time.

    This is the time for discernment.

    Not petty bickering of who is wrong or right, but a conscious asking of self after a pause to get fully centered in one’s body, “Does this serve the highest good?”

    Who are people attacking when they attack Q and what is it about. I read the post earlier about offending people, and so…

  2. I guess what I was trying to say is “how does this information serve? Who does this information serve? And how does it make me feel?”

    I have no idea if the @kill.rogue twitter account is “Q’s” or not and, by recent accounts stating ‘nothing outside these boards (or something to that effect), maybe it isn’t. But I had to look at the information that was there and ask myself what purpose it served. Clearly it served as a wake-up call. Nothing harmful, just shares that open one’s eyes. If that’s the case, does it matter if it is Q or not?

    Isn’t intention everything?

    So, that being said, feeling into the intention of things…

    Who and what does it serve, how does it make me feel, and am I in alignment with the intention I’m picking up and how it makes me feel?

    Our feelings are our friends, of that we can be sure.
    Anonymous posters, or people that we feel we know because they have an Internet presence?

    Not so much.

    What is this triggering in me, and why? Who does this serve?

    Now is the time to be clear.

    1. i almost didn’t watch it either ~ i wanted to know what was the intention of sharing it. interesting you speak of feelings being our friend – i had a reminder in the shower today how to listen to my feelings as they speak the language of my Soul. these days when something does not resonate it is immediate and the experience in my body solid. i had that last night as i listened to the jimmy church interview w/david wilcock. i had to stop.

  3. One thing I really love about myself is that I am willing to admit when I am wrong. I had seen bits and pieces of people attacking Q on twitter and I thought this was an attack also. I just watched the video and it is Excellent. Thank you for sharing. I took a couple of screen shots (or a few – I don’t remember) and I am going to send them to you, and if you like, feel free to share. A picture says a thousand words and I have been using images to put harmonic vibrations out into the world.

    Magic pictures.
    Freedom PNG’s

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