Quick Thought on Judgment


As I contemplate my previous piece, I have been thinking about judgment.  I don’t want to judge anyone.  Myself.  Others.  And after this incident that got my child sick, I have been full of thoughts of judgment.

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual communities about judgment.  How evil and awful it is.  Damaging.  How we should not do such a thing.  (all of which are judgments of course – lol)

I try not to.  Oh goddess I try not to.  Overall I am very much a live and let live type.

So I think on this.  And this is what I have come up with at this Now moment…

I request others to not engage in a behavior that is going to violate my basic right to freedom or my child’s basic right to freedom.  Or anyone’s basic right to freedom.  Because if you do, I am going to hold some thoughts about you that are less than pleasant (especially if said behavior has a negative impact on my child.  As we say around these parts “do not poke the mama bear”).

I agree to do the same with all others.

And so it is.


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