A Rather Neutral Day


Today has a certain feel to it ~ one of neutrality – and as though we are in a brief limbo period.  What is coming next, I have no real feel for at the moment.  Just enjoying a bit of inner AND outer calm.  I seem to feel the energies and emotions of not just my own stuff and those in my household but the world at large so perhaps I have just naturally detached from whatever chaos may be flowing “out there”.  Oh well… It feels rather nice to feel detached and in just my own space.

I had a nice experience at the store today.  There was a man in front of me in line.  Business attire.  He pulls out his wallet and as I hear the velcro rip open, I had this sudden urge to put my arm around him and say “doesn’t this feel like a game to you?  Are you ready to stop playing?”  Not to be arrogant – not at all.  This came from my heart.  I simply want ALL of us to be liberated from every single control, seen and unseen.  I want us all free.  We are such a beautiful, wonderful species ~ especially when we are in our full heart-spaced selves.  I can see that.

Instead I just sent him this heart-space feeling of “I see you.  We are all One.”  Then I began to look at the other people in the other lines and saw the beauty in every one of them and had that sense of knowing – we are all One.  And how we have forgotten that.  I love those moments of seeing others for who they really are behind the roles

How funny it is when you think about it.  We each play our particular roles, whatever those are and forget the main reason we are here: connection.  Heart-space connection.  I am grateful I had another such connection today ~ even if it was only seemingly one way and without words exchanged.  After the filth I purged earlier in the day (the core ugh issue/thought I have held about myself for who knows how many lifetimes), I was grateful I was able to bounce back to Who I Am so quickly.  Today what motivated me was that much louder/easier to hear inner voice that speaks with such a solid energy field – it feels my body is too small to contain it at times – and she reminded me ANY such belief in such an illusion only feeds the very energies and entities I seek to dissolve/transform.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I simply said “no” – and meant it.  Completely.  Moments later, I was able to feel beyond the lie and into my heart.

Also had 3 beautiful moments, over the course of the afternoon, here at home, when I was quietly guided to look at the title of the songs on my music channel we have on each day in the background.  Song #1:  Star Seed.  Song #2:  One Step Closer.  Song #3:  17 Seconds To Anywhere (my go-to title on time-traveling)

That is all for now.

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