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Not much to report but I am noticing a couple of things really increasing:  issues with my hands and forgetfulness.

The forgetfulness has been ongoing for quite some time.  However, it used to be I could recall certain things if I really focused on the memory.  I have recently noticed now I seem to draw a complete blank.  It’s kind of freaking me out a bit.  Is this haarp chemtrail?  Or is this fully due to ascension/rising energies.  Either way it feels a bit out of my control at this point.

Another issue ~ what the hey is going on with my hands?  I am dropping stuff with increasing frequency.  Small items, large items.  Doesn’t matter. It is quite literally as though physical matter turns to liquid once it reaches my hands.  That is the best way I can describe it.

Yesterday as I walked out back my mate asked me if I could throw him the broom (he was up on the roof).  I stumbled as I looked up (balance thing – clumsiness still ongoing) and said “I don’t know.  I’ll try.  Stand back.  My body isn’t working the way it used to.”  As comical as that sounds, I was deeply serious.  I wasn’t sure if the broom would go where I wanted it to.

I focused and set my intention where the broom would go ~ and had success.

Most of the time things are good with my mind and body.  But now and then when these experiences and symptoms occur – they are more intense.  I had a feeling today – or was it yesterday – as I looked at my hands – that I was just going to suddenly disappear – seemingly to disintegrate – until I popped over into the New Dimension.

Until then, this crawling experience continues. (as one of you referred to it – which at this stage – YES it does feel like crawling)

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