Reclamation of Sovereignty

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Are you feeling that growing internal empowerment people?

Are you feeling the growing need to go within for your answers, with the desire of seeking “out there” waning?  WE are our own channelers.

Are you feeling “enough is enough!”?

No more waiting.

No more being told to “be patient”.

No more being told those of us awakened/awakening need to wait for the masses to catch up.

That is matrix speak.  Another layer of the crashing archon energy grid which I’m pretty sure we’re all feeling.

The time has come for us to Rise Up and RECLAIM OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

Now.  Not when someone tells us to.

We are the Creators of our Individual AND Collective reality and experience, right?

So let’s take back our Power.

I Reclaim the following (please add your own and share!):

*The rightful return of ALL of my memories

*The rightful return of all of my multi-dimensional selves

*The rightful return of all information from my akashic records (deeply disturbs me there are some who claim only THEY have such access to our personal records)

*The rightful return of my entire Energy and Etheric Bodies

*The rightful return of ALL of the powers and uses of our latent DNA which was STOLEN from us

*The TRUTH on our history, on where we are, who we are, what time period we are in as well as who exactly have kept us controlled:  TOTAL DISCLOSURE of ALL Truths

*The removal of ALL true genetic junk that was never a part of our original physical make-up to begin with

*The right to Self-Govern

*The rightful return of all the resources and wealth that have been stolen from us

*The rightful return of all life-supporting technology that can and does heal us, heal Gaia and make our lives easier and simpler

*The return of My Sovereign place/space on this earth, which includes the following:

  1. Clean, pure water
  2. Safe, secure housing
  3. Clean, pure, abundant food
  4. TRUE education
  5. Absolute Freedom

All provided simply because We Are Sovereign Beings.

I am more than willing to help make this happen and be a part of this, in ensuring we each have a full return to Love, Health, Full Awareness, Truth and Sovereignty.






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