Red Orb Seen In Oregon Skies – 12/4/2016

My family and I had an interesting experience tonight.  Around 5:45pm PST, my spouse came running inside, saying we had to come outside as he was watching a large red orb/light in the north sky headed west in a zig zag fashion.  So my child and I throw on the shoes, head outside.  I see it and it is traveling unbelievably fast.  I have never seen an unidentified object travel so fast.  I began running down the street, yelling at it to “SLOW DOWN” and interestingly enough, it came to a complete halt and hovered for several moments.  I could see a force field around it as it pulsed.  As quickly as it stopped, it took off again very quickly, this time back to the east, then seemingly changing it’s intention, headed back to the west, then due north where it disappeared over the tree line.

I had already sent my child over to the neighbor’s house to tell him to come outside, but by the time he did, the object had disappeared. Naturally he was disappointed.  The whole experience lasted approx. 2 minutes.  It moved like a hummingbird – erratic in that the movements were unpredictable and yet in complete control- abrupt stops – 180 degree turns.  Do military drones operate like this?  Please comment.

The estimated elevation of this object was about 10,000 feet.  I have included a picture from another site to give you an idea of what we saw (image at the top).

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