Redefining Relationships

I remember in my 20’s reading an interview with Nicole Kidman. Speaking of relationships, she said, and I quote, “Monogamy is not natural.”  Those words resonated with me at the time, and I didn’t know why.  In fact, I was only 25, newly married myself, so I tried to convince myself she was some strange hippy who was into orgies – the only way at the time I was able to dismiss my interest in her words while maintaining my own illusion that I was some pious angel who never even thought of other men much less desired to connect with them in whatever way came naturally to me.

However, as I came to learn, once a chord of Truth is struck within, it never leaves you.


Over the years, a divorce and another husband later, I continued to hear those words in my head.  “Monogamy is not natural.  Monogamy is not natural.”  And over those same years, I had several encounters with men that, for a few, were quite emotionally powerful.  In fact, if I had been a guest on the Dr. Phil show, I would have been accused of having an “emotional affair” with some of these men.  During these years and these experiences, I kept the truth to myself:  I really wanted to explore these experiences in whatever way my heart, mind and soul desired.  But of course I didn’t.  That fear of judgment often keeps one locked in a personal prison.

Fast forward to today.  My mate and I have been talking about relationships and redefining them.  We are, for the most part, on the same page and that is this:  The human spirit and soul wants to connect with other people, male and female.  When two people connect, that energy needs to take its course.  And yet that is often blocked because of cultural and social pressure.  And it is that very pressure that restricts us and keeps us locked up in a self and societal created prison.

I believe as we continue our journey of Ascension, we will be expanding our definition of relationships – in particular romantic relationships and marriage.  In fact, I can see marriage going by the wayside and people instead having partners where the State doesn’t get involved (because the State will be no more).  People just have partners – 1, 2 or more.  There is open discussion, honesty and respect for the feelings of all.  We will be truly free to connect with others in a mutually respectful manner in whatever way we so choose.  In a nutshell, we will be following the natural inclinations of the Human Spirit, heart and Soul.

Obviously such connecting will require a certain maturity and self-assessment.  And I believe such behavior is largely what is helping drive our personal ascension process.

Love In Action Now – with one another.  A beautiful thing indeed. Something to celebrate.  And a way of Being that will eliminate secrecy and articles by celebrities having to direct us to the truth of monogamy.

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