So Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall K. Beane were found guilty on all counts.  Sentencing doesn’t come until June.  !!  So more waiting then, right?

Not for this girl.

We really expect all of this wonderful stuff to happen by thinking and feeling it through?  How is this possible when the very system is so dark and unwilling to budge?

Fight might with might.

Or just pack up and leave the country and find a remote village somewhere to live out the rest of your life.

Time to start planning NOW instead of waiting for some elusive event ~ the release of these funds/accounts.  Prosperity.  The solar flash event.

Who says for certain that all I have wanted and seen and desired is going to manifest?

We are the creators?

I am tired.  And I mean tired.  Tired to the bone tired.  Tired to the Soul tired. Tired to all I AM tired.

I have been at this for so long ~ to see yet again the system of dark win ~ just enough for me.  I am a hopeful person but I am also a REALIST.

Think Trump is taking out the criminal elements with compassion and love?

No.  An army of military is taking physical action to remove.

(Supposedly.  Seems everything is elusive and “figure out the bread crumbs yourself.”)

That is what you do with a system of power-over.

Or as I said you accept it as it is and if you no longer have it in you to fight against it, you leave.

Nesara.  Gesara.  TDA/TDD accounts.  Endless promises year after year.


All I see and feel is the same stuff.  SAME STUFF.

Love in action Now.

That’s why I started this site.

Love acts NOW.

Not some day down the road.

How do you remove dark behavior?

I don’t know at this point.  I do not know.

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