Remembering Who We Are

I came into this world knowing I was here for a reason.  I remember when I was small, I would watch adults interact with one another while thinking “they don’t get it.”  What was this “it”?  I couldn’t put it together then but I still remember thinking these words often.  Today I understand what my Higher Self was communicating to my childlike way of understanding.  Most of us forget who we really are and get lost in doing what the System tells us to do and who we are.

It keeps us preoccupied with working jobs most of us hate if not just tolerate.  Even if you do love your work, you still know it is something the System says you must do.  This is so we can earn money to pay others to live here.  I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell didn’t sign anything upon my arrival on this planet that says “in order to live here and survive you must pay others money”.

We are told war is peace.  We are told to pledge a blind allegiance to our country.  We are told to go to church and worship a male deity that may punish us if we don’t obey him.  Even the more supposedly enlightened religions tell us that reincarnation is required in order to even out our karmic debt, often from past lives, and in the same breath are told we aren’t allowed to remember those past lives (which would be very helpful in order to help authentically figure out HOW to balance out this supposed karma).  And of course we are told to put our children – our babies- into the hands of the State where they sit in little desks in neatly lined rows for 6 hours a day 5 days a week where free thought is frowned upon.

Then there is the food we eat which we are told we have no right to know what’s in it.  Our water is polluted and many cities insist (without citizen approval) upon putting sodium fluoride in it – the same thing that our toothpaste labels say “do not swallow” yet it’s safe to drink it – regularly. Then we are told to stick needles in our children that are laden with heavy metals that builds up in the muscle tissue consequently leading to other health issues from mild to serious to deadly.  Why in the hell were we given immune systems?  And didn’t the installation of indoor plumbing eradicate many of our earlier diseases?  The charts and stats I have seen concur with this.

Then there is the cost of EVERYTHING which has risen dramatically increasing the number of people in poverty while wages have stagnated or declined.  Meanwhile the rich get richer.  We have corporations that ship production overseas where workers slave away for 14 hours a day in deplorable conditions and equally deplorable wages and what does our government do?  Give ’em tax breaks!

If that weren’t enough, our air is filled with micro waves and wi-fi radiation.  We will tell you to dump the corded phone in exchange for this little radioactive cell phone that has been shown to increase the risk of brain tumors but hey that’s ok because we the industry did a study proving their safety (but we also failed to disclose the person used for the safety study was a male of 200 lbs and 6′ in height and as such a very thick skull but ssshhh, that will be our little secret).

Then there is health care.  Got an ailment?  Here’s a pill to take that was manufactured by a pharmaceutical company and hey don’t concern yourselves with the warning labels of “cancer” or “death” because these little pills were studied for safety by the very people who manufactured them so hey, we can trust them, right?  Meanwhile we won’t talk about that perhaps there is a reason far too many people are sick or suffer chronic health conditions.

Sounds silly, awful and insane reading it in this manner doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.  It is a combination of insanity, of awfulness and silly.  I don’t know what’s more silly, awful and insane to me – the fact that this crap has been going on for so long or for the fact that so many blindly follow it without ever stopping to question ANY of it.

People – all of these outside influences and rules and supposed “wisdom” from authority figures are simply a diversion to keep us disconnected from who we really are.  We are Source.  We are God.  Each of us is a Holographic Representation of All That Is and Ever Was.  Eternal Awareness.  Eternal Consciousness.  We are here to bring Heaven on Earth. This isn’t some silly dream of hippies or sages.  This is why we are here.  Let me repeat that.  THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE.  We are here to bring Heaven to Earth.

How do we do this, you ask?  Good question, which I will be answering in my next Daily Notes.  Until then, try this little experiment.  Look in the mirror each day and say the following:  I Love You.  I Remember Who I Am.  I Am Source (or whatever term you prefer to use).  I have a purpose for being here.  I am here to bring Heaven to Earth.

And believe me when I say You are needed to do just that.  Very much.

Until next time…


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